The number of people killed in train crash in Manisa rose to 2

The number of people who died in the train accident in Manisa increased to 2: Ali Zengin, who was among the 4 people who were rescued and hospitalized in the car where the passenger train crashed at the level crossing, could not be saved 3 days later, despite the interventions of the doctors. Thus, the number of those who died in the accident rose to 2.

31 135 17 22.30 45 297 flight in February, XNUMX in February, Yunusemre District, Marshal Fevzi Cakmak quarter of the level crossing the car was hit by the XNUMX AG XNUMX plate under the direction of Ozal Cetin.


The car driver dragged the 200 meter, Özal Çetin (18) died, Aysel Zengin (20), Nevin Zengin (21), Ali Zengin (18) and Deniz Zengin (2) were injured. The wounded in the vehicle, the Provincial Disaster and Emergency Directorate (AFAD) shipped to the scene of the fire brigade of the Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Fire Department after being removed by ambulances to the surrounding hospitals. Following the investigation at the scene, Özal Çetin's body was sent to Celal Bayar University Hospital's morgue for an autopsy.

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