35 Izmir

İZBAN Step-by-Step to Torbalı

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, will extend the Aliaga-Menderes Suburb to Torbalı 30 on the additional line of kilometers to Develi, Tekeli and Pancar stations 31 will perform the tender on August. Stations will be pedestrian underpass, elevator and escalator. Greater Izmir [more…]


Procurement Notice: TÜDEMSAŞ 21 tender contract

Pin-SEE WILL BE PURCHASED Turkey Railway Machines Industry Inc. (TÜDEMSAŞ) Tender Registration Number: 2012/106565 1 - Administration's a) address: KADI BURHANETTIN MAH. 58059 SİVAS b) telephone and fax number: 3462251818 / 1708-4699 - 3462235051 c) e-mail address (if any): ihale@tudemsas.gov.tr ​​2 - [more…]

34 Istanbul

Tram Line Around Haliç

23 rail system lines were planned for Istanbul in the next 36 years. Some of this planning is at the construction stage, while some of the projects are completed, some are in the project and some are in the study phase. Among the planned rail system projects, the Golden Horn area [more…]


Duck head with iron nets

Prime Minister Erdogan recalled the line "We knit with iron nets" from the 10th Anniversary March in his speech at the opening of the Istanbul metro a while ago. "10. Takes place in the Year Anthem; 'we knit with iron nets What did you knit? Saying "You don't knit anything" [more…]

34 Istanbul

Kadıköy- Sea integration support for Kartal metro line

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality City Lines, the first metro of the Anatolian side, Kartal-Kadıköy After the subway is put into service Kabataş-Kadıköy flights will be intensified. Eagle-Kadıköy with the metro line that reduces it to 32 minutes KadıköyEminönü, with ferry and motor voyages of Istanbulites City Lines, [more…]

16 Bursa

Tram Setting to Bursa Traffic

With the T1 tram line to be built in Bursa, there will be new regulations in the traffic flow on Altıparmak and Stadium Street. In the T1 tram line project, work is starting tomorrow between the İpekiş Junction on the Stadium Street and the Stadium Junction. 27 Jul [more…]