National Signaling in Railways

The signaling system, which is as important as the infrastructure works and rail installation in the railways, will also be national. The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), TUBITAK-BİLGEM and Istanbul Technical University in collaboration with the National Railway Signaling System [more…]


Türk Tren A.Ş. kuruluyor

Following the comments of the Minister on the privatization of the TCDD, the sector unions made statements on the issue. The explanations are given below: Türk Tren A.Ş. he agreed that the establishment of a company and some aspects of the personnel transfer [more…]

16 Bursa

Metropolitan Baths Lightning Transport Breaths

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, which aims to eliminate the problem of transportation by expanding the existing roads in addition to the opening of the rail system and new roads, has not been able to take a concrete step until now, but the buildings have been expropriated within the scope of the extension of Dağyolu Street in Yıldırım. [more…]


Related Links with Rail System in Turkey

The Republic of Turkey State Railways Administration General Directorate (TCDD), Association of Railways Machinists (DEMARD) Railway Katarcı Association of Railway Vocational School Alumni Association (Demo) Railway Construction and Operating Personnel Assistance and Solidarity Association of Turkish Travel - Are United [more…]


Train Dynamics Writings

One of the most difficult issues of railway is TRAIN MECHANICS or TRAIN DYNAMICS, which is the calculation of the existence and continuity of the movement. As TRENCERT, we said that we should contribute to the development of Turkish Railways and how many issues that need to be calculated become SORGU [more…]

34 Istanbul

Metrobus broke down on Golden Horn Bridge

Due to the breakdown of the metrobus at the Golden Horn Bridge, the voyages interrupted for a while. In the Ayvansaray area, there was a malfunction of a metrobust on the way to Topkapı. Other metrobus made short service from one lane. After the removal of malfunctioning metrobus, [more…]

34 Istanbul

Becoming 21st Century,KadıköyEnded in Eagle Metro

It is the first metro of Istanbul Anatolian Side. Kadıköy - The works on Kartal Metro Line are now at the final stage. Vehicle traffic, the biggest problem of Istanbul, will be eliminated to a great extent thanks to the metro. With an average daily passenger capacity of 1 million passengers [more…]

Hijab Rail 1
Intercity Railways

Who Made Ottoman Hijaz Railway

Who made the Ottoman Hejaz Railway: The Hejaz Railway has been the first target for the transportation of the troops to be transported to these regions in order to strengthen the transportation between Istanbul and the Holy Land. Ottoman [more…]

86 China

Copper rail support

Copper, which has climbed thanks to China's railway spending, also reduces its monthly decline. Feeded by China's plan to increase its rail spending for the second time in a month, copper, which is the world's largest consumer of industrial metals, also increased its monthly decline as it climbed. [more…]


Railways are martyrs, Ferhat's dig!

Railways are martyrs, Ferhat's dig! Postal services and railways are being sold. There are two separate draft laws. sell to the name of the railways, 'Turkey Draft Law on the Liberalization of Railway Transport'. under Turkey-EU Financial Cooperation, 'the Turkish Railway Sector [more…]


The orders of the colonial governors

Year 1996. The World Bank 'report on Turkey' is preparing instructions by name. They're giving the government of time. But they're not sending. 'We're the governor' palms in, they come to Turkey, in Ankara instructions're not telling authorities they face. 'We could not explain exactly what we were saying and the master, we were missing' [more…]

34 Istanbul

Metrobüs crashed at Bosphorus Bridge exit

Sögütlüçeşme A motorcycline on the Zincirlikuyu line crashed at the exit of the Bosphorus bridge. The Anatolian side of the European side of the BRT in front of the motorcycle hit the motorcycle. The impact of the impact of the motorcycle driver was injured. Passengers on the metrobust short-term panic [more…]

35 Izmir

174 İZBAN employee commenced action

After the collective bargaining negotiations ended in disagreement, female employees of the Railway Work Union started not wearing make-up and men started a beard. After the collective bargaining negotiations with İZBAN ended in disagreement, a woman was declared by the Demiryol İş Union. [more…]