Links Related to Rail Systems in Turkey

Officially operating and non-profit organizations in Turkey are listed below: Republic of Turkey State Railways General Directorate (TCDD) Railways Machinists' Association (DEMARD) Railway Carriers Association Railway Vocational School [more…]


Train Dynamics Writings

One of the most difficult subjects of railways is TRAIN MECHANICS or TRAIN DYNAMICS, which is the calculation of the existence and continuity of the movement. As TRENCERT, we wanted to contribute to the development of Turkish Railways, and what should be calculated? [more…]

Hijab Rail 1
Intercity Railways

Who Made Ottoman Hijaz Railway

The Hejaz Railway, especially in order to strengthen the transportation between Istanbul and the Holy Lands, was the first target to facilitate the transportation of the soldiers to be transported to these regions, and for the pilgrims to go to and from the pilgrimage in a safer way. Ottoman Empire [more…]

86 China

Copper rail support

Copper, which has been climbing thanks to China's railway expenditures, also reduces its monthly decline. Fueled by China's plan to increase rail spending for the second time in a month, the world's largest consumer of industrial metals, copper, [more…]