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Izmir Metro - Kadıköy-Kartal Metro Cost Comparison

Rail Systems are classified according to the passenger capacities they carry in one direction per hour in the world. Systems that carry up to 15.000 passengers per hour are generally designed as Tramways, mostly the route remains completely above ground, the signal system is simple and the station lengths are generally [more…]

34 Istanbul

Tram accident in Aksaray: 8 Injured

A tram running in the same direction hit a tram that stopped at the Yusufpaşa Tram Stop in Aksaray from behind. It was learned that nearly 10 people were injured in the accident that occurred last night. "Bagcilar Kabataş Aksaray Yusufpasa stations [more…]


Answer from TCDD to Yılmaz Özdil

The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) Enterprise Directorate-General, Hurriyet Newspaper Columnist Yilmaz Özdil dated 25 August What is covered by the blah blah ... 'titled the, declaring that it is filled with inaccurate and incomplete information, did not respond to Özdil post. TCDD Plant [more…]

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Continuing Works for Accessible Ankaray

The studies that Ankara Metropolitan Municipality aimed to increase the social life standards of disabled citizens and started with the slogan 'Capital without Barriers' continue. The Metropolitan Municipality Department of Urban Aesthetics, which reconsidered the capital Ankara for the disabled citizens, [more…]

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'Metro' statement from IMM

In a written statement made by the Istanbul-Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, it was stated that some issues related to the articles published in a newspaper on 20 and 21 August were taken into consideration. In the statement, Kadıköy- Kartal metro is the biggest metro investment in the history of the republic and [more…]


Icon of the cable car

Transportation is the lifeblood of modern life… Modern transportation depends on being able to offer fast, comfortable and affordable travel in and out of the city in any environment. The steps of Bursa in recent years have started to reach dimensions that suit the city in this sense. Highway support [more…]


Double road out of rail

Does the AKP have a transport policy? Is there a style, a target? For example, during the construction of double roads, the Republic boasted the longest path in its history. Now he's got construction all over, double dumped roads. Prime Minister Erdoğan, [more…]

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Gursel Tekinden Metrobus praise

Gürsel Tekin from the CHP darkened his eyes for his candidacy for the IMM Presidency. Tekin said that he found Metrobus useful. Gürsel Tekin, who joined the CHP staff again after his resignation, made important statements to Zaman on many issues, from the fights within the party to his candidacy for Istanbul. Himself [more…]