KadıköyEagle Eagle Metro is the biggest metro in the history of the Republic?

KadıköyThe subway that goes from Kartal to Kartal was put into service by the Prime Minister.
Good luck. The service is good. Nobody can resist.
But when you introduce this metro, you cannot say tarih the biggest metro investment in the history of the Republic Ama. This is wrong, shame.
The media also had the habit of using the same thing as the government, and he had this sentence in his headlines.
He'd think that Turkey is doing xnumx'inc metro, which is the largest.
In fact, we have two metrons on the ball. In some cities in Ankara, there are still two metro investments in the region.
Also when you say big investment, is it called “big money”? Izmir subway Kadıköy costs a third of its subway, what to say to it?
Of course, the main purpose behind the discourse of konuş the biggest metro investment in the history of the Republic “emerged in the Prime Minister's speech.
The Prime Minister praised the subway, he said; “(…) You know, it passes at the 10th Anniversary, we knit it with iron nets and stuff. What did you knit, you didn't knit anything? Those standing in the middle were obvious. The main we weave iron mesh with Turkey. "
I'm really sorry about the Prime Minister's words.
Is it so insulting the Republic values ​​or not telling the truth?
10. The. This dormitory ”mentioned in the March of the Year is the reflection of the truth. If the Prime Minister instructed a consultant and he also saw that their affiliated Turkey State Railways made the first few kilometers of railways 10 years gorse on the website. The first decade of the young Republic of Turkey on the railroad did 2000 kilometers. By the time 1950 was reached, the length of the new lines had been 3578 kilometers. It would be much more if there was no war.
However, when the Democratic Party came to power in 1950, the US pushed the transportation network from the railway to the highway as a result of the US pushing for ”selling trucks Ancak. After that, investments in railways stopped. Turkey has made only 30 kilometers further rail.
Under the power of ANAP, Özal abandoned the high-speed train project initiated by Demirel as saying başlat communist work AN.
During the AKP rule, the new railway was almost never built. Only Ankara - Eskişehir and Ankara - Konya lines were made suitable for high speed train.
The construction of the Istanbul - Ankara high speed line continues.
Governments will of course be proud of their services. But in doing so, the past is not to be bad, and not to tell the truth.
AKP did not launch metros
Prime Minister like every other issue of the period until the 79 annually repeating the Republican history, "What have you covered?" He asked the example of the single-line subway by showing the example "Here we are dwelling with iron nets," he says.
But I suppose there is a truth that he hasn't forgotten but doesn't say.
CHP's Murat Karayalçın 1992 had its foundation in the year.
The construction of the Istanbul metro was also initiated by Nurettin Sözen from the CHP in the same year. The names of Refah, Fazilet and AKP, who are the continuation of each other in both cities since 1994, became mayor and naturally continued these investments.
To thank all those who think, implement and sustain this kind of services many years ago. It is possible to discredit and ignore the previous ones, but it is possible to collect the votes of those who have a recollection, but it is called mek shame hatır in political records.

Source: news.gazetevatan.com

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