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Example: egeray izmir

📩 06/07/2019 21:48

Egeray is the First in the World: Republican People's Party (CHP) Deputy Chairman Gökhan Günaydın, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Binali Yıldırım, Günaydın Ankara ' Noting that he could not see İzmir very well, he said, “They are looking at Izmir, we are investing. The amount of our investment in İzmir as a government is 9 quadrillion in 8 years. ”

Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Binali Yıldırım, who had a series of contacts in his hometown Erzincan, visited Erzincan Governorship; He responded to the claims that the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications supported the AK Party metropolitan municipalities during the metro construction process in Istanbul and Ankara, but did not support the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality with CHP.

Yıldırım stated that the words of Republican People's Party (CHP) Deputy Chairman Gökhan Günaydın were distorted and unrealistic; He explained the metro works carried out in Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir in numbers.

Responding to the claim that “the government does not provide the necessary assistance to İzmir”, Minister Yıldırım said, “This is completely unrealistic, not true. The proportion of municipalities received from the central budget is proportional to their population, and these are transferred to their accounts every month. As there is no decrease here, we have also made an arrangement in favor of Metropolitan municipalities in recent years. Revenues of many metropolitan municipalities, especially Istanbul, Ankara, Kocaeli, Izmir, Diyarbakir, Erzurum, have increased by more than 40 percent.

Let's come to the comparison of Izmir with Istanbul and Ankara in the subway business. What is the claim; 'The Ministry of Transport provides the necessary support to Ankara and Istanbul, not to Izmir.' The duty of the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications is at the national level all over the country, by rail, road, airport, sea port and all kinds of communication, internet telephony etc. do them. However, in recent years, we have seen that especially the municipalities that make rail systems have difficulties in realizing these projects and we said that the Ministry of Transport should not only approve these projects, but also support the project development for the municipalities that want it. We made such a legal arrangement and received applications. 4 of our provinces have applied, including Ankara Istanbul and Izmir and Adana.

Ankara has already started to a certain level, the total 3 line 44 a kilometer rail system as we have taken with the protocol, the remaining work has been done, the construction continues.

İzmir applied to us for the construction of 6 new lines on December 4 last year. The friends have made the necessary examinations, responded to the municipality on the transportation master plan, and sent them back to us. After this response comes, we will first start the project according to the passenger demand, starting with the priority lines. Then we will make the tender and make the construction. We accepted it in principle, but the procedures that are required before production are ongoing between the ministry and the municipality. Likewise, as the demand of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality is the new metro line, they follow the same path. They are still in preparation period. Adana has only applied, not much action has been taken. In summary, Ankara was ready, there were ongoing, unfinished subways, we took over. We accepted to do for Istanbul and Izmir as a principle. However, by the municipalities, we will initiate the project, and then the construction processes, following the information and approvals required by the infrastructure general directorate of the ministry, in both Izmir and Istanbul. So there is no different treatment for İzmir. Let's detect this once in the same location in Izmir, whatever is Istanbul and Adana. ”


Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Binali Yildirim, the statement reminded that the government did İzmir'li before making public the subway with Ankara, "This is a first in Turkey. I underline this. We have not done a rail system project with any municipality. What an example of what the world in Turkey. We did it only in Izmir. If you have chosen İZBAN he said this project is a world first defined, it is a first in Turkey. We cannot punish the citizens of Izmir because it is a municipality belonging to the opposition party. There is no politics in the service, the service is for the citizen. Whichever way the citizen uses his preference, service should be done. A project that started in the period of coalition governments before 2000 and was abandoned. The state has attempted to build a suburban system by renovating the existing railway line, but it has not walked. It remained because of the 2000-2001 crisis. All the work remains. What we did, we brought the Municipality and the railways together. We established a joint company called İZBAN. We ensured the realization of the project by addressing the situation. About $ 2.2 billion was spent on this project, but $ 1.7 billion was spent on state railways. Why is that; line, infrastructure, electrification state railways, what the municipality has done on it; built stations, some underpasses and overpasses, of which $ 338 million. If we look at the shares here, although most of the work belongs to state railways, we said that this Izmir project is 50-50 percent partnership, we transfer all this infrastructure, what we have done, and operate it together. We did this. Now, from Aliağa to the airport, 80 kilometers, 31 stations and 45 train sets are running. More than 150 thousand people travel on this line per day. So what has İzmir done? There is an 1996 km subway, which started in 11,6 during the time of Mr. Burhan Özfatura. Burhan Özfatura did 1999 percent of this until 90. He completed 10 percent of this in the late Pristina and was put into service in 2000. It is now 2012. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has finally finished and opened a metro line of 2 meters last month. CHP Chairman Mr. Kılıçdaroğlu attended the opening. Currently 250 in the time of İZBAN, Özfatura and Piriştina and 11,4 thousand 2 meters ending this year. It has approximately 250 kilometers of rail system, 94 kilometers of which is by railways. I will draw your attention. The line completed in 80 years is 12 thousand 2 meters. Currently, there is a line that the people of Izmir have been waiting patiently since 250. He is also Üçyol-Fahrettin Altay Line 2005 and a half kilometers. The construction of that line could not be completed. It is delayed every time and because of this subway construction, there are serious grievances and troubles in the region. ”


Underlining that he is a deputy of Izmir, Minister Yıldırım stated that he knows what is done and what is not done in İzmir much better than Mr. Gökhan Günaydın; “Infrastructure projects are difficult projects. We never came out and compared Ankara, Istanbul and Izmir, but we have to give such an answer because they made such an exit.
Let me answer the subject of Egeray costs. These include subway vehicles, infrastructure, superstructure, signal, electricity and vehicles. According to the average cost in İzmir, Bornova-Üçyol is 11,6 kilometers, the cost of kilometers is 98 million TL. Bornova-EVKA opened in the past months is 2.2 kilometers. When we divide the number given by Mr. Mayor from his own mouth, his kilometer rises to 91 Million TL. 56 million TL we do in Ankara. You see, 90 million Izmir, Ankara 56 million, you see the difference, these are official figures. These are the figures taken from İzmir's own statements. The event is certain in Istanbul. 2005 Kadıköy-The Eagle started, 22 kilometers 15 stations, the cost of construction is 1.6 Billion TL. Divide 1,6 by 22, over 100 million TL, it can be different. I think the comparison is very meaningful. The ground condition may be different, if you do it on a liquefied ground, you cannot prevent water, if you cannot finish on time, the cost increases. We do not work underground on a cost basis, we work at a unit price. We determine the result of the work with a unit price. I say that this comparison made for him does not make sense. In İzmir, the president is trying to do this in good faith, but he cannot. The third company is doing it. Currently, the second company has been terminated, the third company is working with. You have to know this too. Talk about the metro issue in Izmir with the people of Izmir on the street.

We also did this. When this law was passed, we said halfway, hand over the project you are continuing, as we said to Ankara, he said no, I will finish. After the mayor says I will finish, we will not say anything.

Finally, I find it useful to say this. The amount of our investment in İzmir as a government is 9 quadrillion in 8 years. Only the ring road is 2 quadrillion. We did half of it in our period, it is the project that started in 1990. Izmir Ring Road is 55 kilometers. If it was not for the ring road, the cars in Izmir would not be able to move, the traffic in Izmir was paralyzed. İZBAN and the ring road are two important projects that greatly ease the traffic of İzmir. We made these two important projects to İzmir.

We started 35 Izmir, 35 out of 14 projects and continue. Izmir-Istanbul highway, Sabuncubeli Tunnel, mansion Tunnel, Istanbul-Ankara High Speed ​​Train Line, İZBAN, Turkey's largest, one of Europe's leading seaport in North Aegean Harbor, Gulab Logistics Center, Adnan Menderes terminal, marina, double-breasted port The amount of projects started like digital archive city and e-commerce base is 20 billion TL. or 20 quadrillion. This is the answer to the question that the government is not looking at Izmir. They look at Izmir, we invest in Izmir. This is the difference. The statements of the friend are all about politics. Our work consists of figures and facts that emerged. ”


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