Features of Ankara High Speed ​​Train Station

Where is Ankara High Speed ​​Train Station? How to get to Ankara High Speed ​​Train Station?
Where is Ankara High Speed ​​Train Station? How to get to Ankara High Speed ​​Train Station?

📩 27/02/2023 21:30

Ankara High Speed ​​Train Station, which is planned to be built on the land between Celal Bayar Boulevard and the existing station building, will be built on an area of ​​21 thousand square meters. The station, which will have a passenger capacity of 50 thousand per day and 15 million per year, will have passenger lounges and kiosks on the ground floor. A 5-star hotel will be built on two floors of the station. There will be restaurants and cafes on the roof of the station. There will be platforms and ticket offices under the ground floor of the station, and a covered parking lot for 3 cars on the lower floor.

Following the dispatch of the existing lines, the 12 high-speed train line, the 420 high-speed train line, the 6 conventional train line and the 4 suburban and freight train line will be built at the same time. It is planned to use the high speed train station and the existing station in a co-ordinated way.

The two station buildings will also be connected underground and aboveground. According to the project, a tunnel with a walking belt will be built from the light rail public transportation system Ankaray's Maltepe station to the new station building. In addition, the land will be transferred from the TCDD land to the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality and the traffic will be relieved by removing Celal Bayar Boulevard from the 3 × 3 lanes to the 4 × 4 lanes.

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