High Speed ​​Train Conference held in Gerede

a quick train conference was organized
a quick train conference was organized

At the Gerede School of Applied Sciences; Gerede Municipality, Gerede Municipality, AIBU Gerede School of Applied Sciences, Gerede Chamber of Commerce and Industry in cooperation with Ankara-Istanbul High Speed ​​Train (YHT) on the route stressed the importance of Gerede station. Dr. Ayhan Şamandar attended the conference as a speaker.

YHT line between Ankara-Istanbul 4 hours 20 hours said that Professor. Dr. Ayhan Şamandar, said the line will take only hours 2 said.

The Governor of Gerede Cengiz Unsal, Gerede Mayor Mustafa Allar, Director of the School of Applied Sciences Prof.Dr. Kadir Murat Altintas, Gerede Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chairman Ersin Kaska, AK Party District Chairman Ismail Çetin, lecturers, institution directors, NGO representatives and students attended.

Dean of the Faculty of Technology at Duzce University Dr. Ayhan Şamandar made a presentation titled-Ankara-Gerede-Bolu-Düzce-Sakarya-Kocaeli-Gebze-Istanbul Route High Speed ​​Train Line Proposal Ay. Professor Dr. Ayhan Şamandar, Deputy Minister of Transport said they had a meeting with the meeting after the Ankara-Istanbul high-speed train route suggested that the work will be started to pass the line suggested.

Ankara-Sincan-Çayırhan-Sakarya-Istanbul line planned by TCDD; 49 tunnel, 25 viaducts and the cost of the construction of the warning that the increase of Prof. Dr. Dr. Shamandar, 6 $ 1 billion cost of this line itself will pay the 30 year by drawing attention to the line only in the 3 provincial station, the line was parallel to the North Anatolian Fault Line shared the information. Ankara-Kizilcahamam-Gerede-Bolu-Duzce-Sakarya-Kocaeli-Gebze-Istanbul YHT line will cost 5 billion dollars, 45 million passengers per year with the capacity to bear itself 10 will pay the year underlined. Currently, the current YHT line between Ankara and Istanbul 4 hours 20 minutes said that Professor. Dr. Ayhan Şamandar added that the line they proposed would only take 2 hours. This line is addressed to the population of 30 million, and the country's economy in the region of the 50'nin Şamandar voicing that this project will reduce traffic accidents, industry and tourism will improve, stressed that the horizontal expansion of Istanbul will allow.

Şamandar noted that with the proposed HR line, people living in this region will have access to Sabiha Gökçen, Esenboğa and Istanbul Airport in a very short time. The North Anatolian Fault Line will not be a problem, and diesel and gasoline will be saved.

The Mayor of Gerede, Mustafa Allar, addressed to the hall on the subject; “We also met with our teachers in 2017. On the days when I took office, this issue was discussed and feasibility studies were started. Scientists speak with data, our discourses to a point. But especially the Japanese professors are experts, and they have the example of Japan in their hands. Ayhan Şamandar has devoted himself to this project and has put great effort into this project. The project is progressing step by step but surely. The most important and useful line between Ankara and Istanbul will be the Gerede Transfer Station. Now we know this and we are now saying that the experts prove with the data. Because the connection to the Black Sea is passing through our district and 5 to address the population. Especially for the last 10 years, there has been tremendous intensity on this route. He will arrive in Gerede, departing from Istanbul and Georgia, and will take the High Speed ​​Train. Hopefully we will see this project in the future. We believe that our state will do the necessary, Biz he said.

After the conference, participants were taken to the question-answer section and then a souvenir photograph was taken.Geredemedyatakip)



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