Balçova surprised the evacuation process at the cable car facilities

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality on the grounds that there is no life and property security in Balcova closed since the 2007 cable car facilities to renew the ropeway return to the hair of the cable car facilities on the Dagan Mountain Balçova was evacuated yesterday.
When the contract between the Grand Plaza Company of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality expired, Öz Mesken Café and Tourism Trade Limited Company, which is the subcontractor of Grand Plaza company, became occupier. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Directorate of Real Estate Management has started the evacuation process about the operator. The property was requested to evacuate the property, which consisted of a municipality-owned meat house, market, coffee house and upper floor, and a fastfood, a pancake house, a restaurant, a wooden house and a tea garden. Thereupon the teams on the premises yesterday, evacuated the facilities under the supervision of the gendarmerie. Yılmaz Eroğlu, the operator who was stunned by what happened, claimed that they suffered great injustice.
Erik said the plant took over in 2005 and said that in 2007 the plant was shut down on the grounds that there was no life and property security. In the process, they were informed that they would continue to operate when the facility was put into service again. 5 yearbook Grand Plaza company rented facilities but 3 years indicating that Eroglu, after making the necessary assessments with his lawyers to meet the damage suffered by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality said.
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“Used as a caretaker“
Since the 2009 Eroğlu said that the municipality has used them as a guard and emphasized that they continue to meet the personnel and operating expenses of 4 thousand TL every month on a regular basis. If I'm a fuzuli occupant, I'm not their tenant. Then 5 months ago, 12 thousand pounds for the period when the plant closed the money they received money, '' he said.

Source: New Asir

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