ESHOT Solar Energy Revolution

eshot will supply all electricity needs from the sun
eshot will supply all electricity needs from the sun

Solar power revolution at ESHOT: 74-year-old cornerstone of urban transport, ESHOT has added another to its technology and environmental moves. Turkey's largest full-electric bus fleet establishing the İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, the electricity required for these vehicles ESHOT founded by the roof of their building in Buca workshop will meet 10 thousand m2 of solar power plants.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, which has a special place among local governments with its environmental investments, is also signing a "green revolution" in public transportation. With electric buses, the Metropolitan Municipality has added a new dimension to the steps to reduce carbon emissions, which it started with environmentally friendly ships and rail system projects such as tram, subway and suburban. kazannagged. Turkey's largest “full electric” bus fleet serving in public transportation, with 20 put into service, will operate with the electricity produced by the ESHOT General Directorate itself. In line with this goal, a solar power plant is being installed on the roofs of ESHOT's workshop buildings in Buca, on a total area of ​​10 thousand m2. Consisting of 3 photovoltaic panels, the solar power plant will produce approximately 680 MW of electrical energy annually. This energy produced at the power plant will be used for charging environmentally friendly fully electric buses. Thus, an annual carbon emission of 1.38 thousand tons will be prevented.

İzmir Keeps Its Promise

The Metropolitan Municipality of Covenant of Mayors (CoM), which was established within the European Commission and whose main objective was to reduce and promote the use of renewable and clean resources for a world that fought against global warming, was a party to 2015. 2020 has committed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 20 by year. Izmir's local government foresees a significant reduction in the number of electric buses and the reduction of carbon emissions due to fossil fuel use with rail system investments. In addition, fuel, maintenance, repair and operating costs in the budget will be significantly reduced by the implementation of the solar power plant.

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