Trolleybus comes after the tram for urban transportation in Samsun

In Samsun's urban transportation, the light rail system (tram) comes as a sister. Samsun Metropolitan Municipality; It plans to implement the trolleybus powered by electricity and used in metropolitan cities such as Ankara, Istanbul and Izmir in the past, on the Gar-Canik-Tekkeköy line. The tram line, which has been operating in Samsun for about one and a half years and provides travel diversity in urban transportation, serves between the Shell Junction from Ondokuzmayıs University. With the Light Rail System, which was put into service in October 2010, a total of 2012 million 16 thousand people were transported in the 18-month period until March 222. Samsun Metropolitan Municipality was planning to take the tram line to Tekkeköy and then to Çarşamba Airport.


The Metropolitan Municipality, which plans to buy 15,7 trams of 42 meters length on the 5 km Light Rail System line between OMÜ-Shell Junction, the trolley bus used by the metropolitan cities such as Ankara-Istanbul and Izmir in the past to provide transportation between the Gar junction and Canik-Municipality Houses and Tekkeköy. aims to serve in.


Trolleybus, which will use a distinctive metrobus-like road; It is known as an electrically powered bus. The first trolleybus in history was established on April 29, 1882 in the suburb of Berlin. Ernst Werner von Siemen named this system as “Elektromote”. In Turkey, the first trolleybus network, established in 1947, entered service in Ankara. The Trolleybus network, which was used for many years in Istanbul and Izmir, was removed from service due to frequent power cuts, disrupting traffic and traveling slowly.


Trolleybus line, which was removed from service due to various problems in the past; Today, it is widely used in Europe with its renewed and modern system. Samsun Metropolitan Municipality; It plans to carry passengers with trolleybuses of 24 meters in order to relieve the urban traffic and to provide transportation between Shell Junction-Station and Canik-Belediyeevleri and Tekkeköy. It is planned to make a preferred route for trolleybuses, each of which will carry 220 people, to the Gar-Belediyeevleri-Tekkeköy line, where the Light Rail System is also planned to be extended. Since the preferred way to be built in the metrobus style will be completed in a short time compared to the tram line, it is aimed to serve the people of Samsun in a short time.

Source: Newspaper Arena

Günceleme: 24/11/2018 17:44

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