Completing the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars Railway

Tbilisi-Kars (BTK) railway is completed and the majority of the BTK railway line is one of Turkey's largest investment, he said.

Governor Ahmet Kara, investors are coming, looking at the land, in the near future, Kars will be resurrected and will develop.

Governor Ahmet Kara; U Up to now, there has been free land allocation in the Organized Industrial Zones. Now, with these incentives, there is no restriction on Organized Industrial Zones. There is land allocation for investments, these investors will come and go, so there will be very nice things in Kars, Yatırım he said.


Noting that BTK Railroad is in the final phase, Kars Governor Ahmet Kara gave the good news of the future of big investments in Kars two or three years later.

Black; Bir BTK Railway is an investment in which Kars will find life, where Kars will resurrect and develop. Turkey is also one of the largest deposits. In this respect, Kars-Tbilisi-Baku Railway is coming to the end stage. So in the closure tunnels, fills, excavations, these are now at the 98 distance of the percent. Only the remaining rails of the line is being built and its auction is made soon. An important investment for our region and an investment that will connect to the outside world and the Turkic World. So after two to three years in Kars, we will see big investments. But now we have to follow the investments we have very carefully, Ama he said.


Noting that Kars is now open to the front of the Governor Ahmet Kara, then said the following:

Or Call Center is being established. Now in the establishment stage is currently searching for places in our city. The General Secretary of the Development Agency has information here. There are a number of researches in every field. Kars is now out of shell. Searching for customs. Customs Directorate was put into service here. All our investments will be our profits if we take action to act now. Bütün

Source: Ihlas News Agency



  1. question? Do tcdd freight or passenger wagons (without transfer.boji unchanged ..) live on the KTB route.

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