Bosphorus crossing with Marmaray will land in 2 minutes

Because of the fact that the European exit is in Yenikapı, it will carry the traffic load out of the historical peninsula and contribute to the preservation of ancient artifacts. Bosphorus crossing with Marmaray goes down to 2 minutes and Halkalı - It is possible to take the distance between Gebze in 1 hour and 50 minutes.

Marmaray project,

Three new stations in the Bosphorus Crossing section of the project will be built as deep underground stations. These stations will be designed in detail by the Contractor, which will act in close cooperation with the relevant Competent Authorities, including DLH and Municipalities. The main concave of all three stations will be underground and only their entrances will be visible from the surface. Yenikapı will be the biggest transfer station on the Project.

In the second part, 43.4 km on the Asian Side and 19.6 km on the European Side, a total of 2 stations will be renovated and transformed into modern stations. The average distance between stations is planned as 36 - 1 km. The current number of lines will be increased to three, and the system will consist of 1,5 lines, T1, T2 and T3. Commuter (CR) Trains will operate on T3 and T1 lines, while T2 line will be used by Intercity freight and passenger trains.

Kadıköy- The Eagle Rail System Project and Marmaray Project will be integrated at İbrahim Ağa Station so that passenger transfer between the two systems can take place.

The minimum curve radius on the line is 300 meters and the maximum vertical line inclination is 1.8%, which is suitable for the operation of mainline passenger and freight trains. While the project speed is planned as 100 km / h, the average speed to be reached in the operation is estimated as 45 km / h. The platform length of the stations is projected as 10 meters in a way that the subway series consisting of 225 vehicles are suitable for loading and unloading passengers.

Since the European exit is in Yenikapı, it will carry the traffic load outside the historical peninsula and contribute to the preservation of ancient artifacts. With Marmaray, the Bosphorus crossing is reduced to 2 minutes and Halkalı - It is possible to take the distance between Gebze in 1 hour and 50 minutes. The submerged tunnel, 135 meters long and 15 thousand tons in weight, is connected to each other by suction with a gasket of 30 centimeters thickness, and the height of the immersed tunnel is 8,6 meters and its width is 15,3 meters.

Total Line Length

76,1 km

Superficial Metro Section Length

63 km

Number of Stations on Surface


Tube Tunnel Section Total Length

13,6 km

Drilling Tunnel Length

9,8 km

Immersed Tube Tunnel Length

1,4 km

Open Close Tunnel Length

2,4 km

Number of Underground Stations


Station Length

225 m (minimum)

Number of passengers in one direction

75.000 passenger / hour / one way

Maximum Slope


Maximum Speed

90 km / h

Commercial Speed

45 km / h

Number of Train Schedules

2-10 minutes

Number of Vehicles

440 (Year of 2015) 20pcs set with 5 + 34pcs Set of 10 +.

Operation Plan

  1. The Planned Operational Plan (OP) outlined here contains only the general criteria necessary for the development of the detailed operational plan. A simulation model will be developed by the contractor to confirm:

(a) the performance capacity of the vehicles meets the duty cycle requirements for each service interval; and

be capable of meeting the tariff reliability;

(b) the operation specified for each service interval, including short-turn operations.

Serviceability requirements based on strategy;

(c) transitions between service intervals, including the commissioning or withdrawal of trains; and

(d) the desired increase in the level of Serviceability in each year of the Notification of Defects Process.

  1. During peak hours the 3 operating route will be:

(a) Halkalı- Pregnancy (both have a final return)

(b) Ataköy-Pendik (both have an intermediate return), and

(c) Yenikapı-Söğütlüçesme (both have an intermediate return).

  1. 240 seconds using the trains return facilities at Yenikapı and Söğütlüçesme

a reversing maneuver within. For this purpose, the return maneuver is defined as a process that starts when the train enters the station from a single line and ends when the last wagon of the train leaves the station on the other line, and includes the time required for the passengers to land / board. The station is defined as a platform for this purpose. Maneuvering of a train on one platform until it stops on another platform will be carried out under external control, ie not under the driver's control.

  1. Suburban Line trains allow service capacity to be optimized

designated as 10-wagon and 5-wagon EMUs in the figure. Train configurations with 10 wagons, 5 wagons and coupled as 2 × 5 wagons (serving as 10 wagons) will be included in the operating strategies in order to realize the most economical operating cost in accordance with passenger comfort and service frequency.

  1. The Contractor shall use the Operating Plan to be provided by the Employer for each service interval.

conduct operational simulation analyzes in different parts of the system and
configuration (based on maximum 440 wagon fleet basis).

  1. Serviceability at Peak Hours Train confirmed by the operating simulation of the Contractor

will include at least one hibernating 10 wagon-ready train in each of the Yenimahalle and Pendik gare sites. The maintenance of the trains will be programmed to maximize the fleet's service capacity during peak hour operation.

One-way travel time including pause times at stations but take the lead

will not exceed 15 minutes, with the exception of the wait and return times at both ends. Destination stations Söğütlüçeşme and Yenikapı pause time will be 30 seconds. At intermediate stations, the pause time will be applied in 45 seconds.

Daily high fleet trains are used outside the peak hours to ensure unity

daily cleaning and maintenance checks between peak hours Halkalı, Yenimahalle, Maltepe and Pendik.

Suburban Line Operations will be controlled and controlled by an Operation Control Center (OCC) allocated for this business and to be built in Maltepe (by others).

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