Bursa to Increase Interest in Urban Transformation with Sample Projects

📩 25/04/2012 11:13

Bursa Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe, said they plan to implement the urban transformation projects would be an example to Turkey.

Recep Altepe explained his 3-year activities at the press conference he held at the Atatürk Congress Culture Center (Merinos AKKM) Hüdavendigar Hall. Speaking at the meeting attended by AK Party Bursa Provincial Chairman Sedat Yalçın, Osmangazi Mayor Mustafa Dündar and other district mayors, Recep Altepe said that they are working to shine the star of Bursa's value.

Stressing that they work with scarce resources, Altepe said that per capita income in municipalities is behind Kocaeli.

Thousands of 69 produced the project, they realize that the realization of 496 Altepe, 90 million TL additional income entered into the municipal coffers. Altepe, the municipality, 130 million borrowers to the official institutions, except that the debt of the contractor has stressed.

Altepe pointed out that the investment amount made in 3 years is 1.2 billion TL. Noting that this is the investment amount that a municipality will make in 10 years, Altepe drew attention to the fact that they made this investment in 3 years. “MODERN TRAMWAYS WILL WORK IN THE CITY CENTER” Stating that the projects are continuing and they will open abundantly from now on, Altepe stated the following regarding the knitting of Bursa with iron nets: “We are extending it towards Yeşilyayla on the urban tram line. Yıldırım and Cumhuriyet Caddesi lines are finished. Modern trams will now run in the city center. the biggest job of this period, he is talking about it now Turkey. When we said we would do this, nobody believed it. 7 companies that make trams in the world came out of Bursa. Silkworm on Turkey's agenda. There are currently 2 vehicles produced, in line with world standards. those tools are also finished. It will be on the rails in the coming days. This project is entirely local. Bursa was the leader of this. ”“ BURSA WILL COME TO THE STATE NEXT YEAR ”Informing that the new ropeway line will be put into service next year, Altepe said about the stadium project:“ We are building the stadium ourselves, now the rough construction has passed 60 percent. Prime Minister provided 50 million TL support. We will get the support of other institutions. We will also evaluate the commercial spaces within the stadium and ensure the participation of the people of Bursa. Hopefully, next year, Bursa will have a stadium of 45 thousand people, where world-class events are held. ”“ IF YOU ARE BITTING TO SIGN UP FOR URBAN TRANSFORMATION ”President Altepe also emphasized that they care about urban transformation. Altepe said: “We recently talked to the owners of the place in İntam, and a project has been approved by everyone. You will make projects approved by everyone, there will be exemplary projects. People will see and say 'how high quality this district was, while the apartments were one hundred lira, it became 400 lira. Such a huge transformation has been done. ' For this, we need to make a few sample regions. The people will see what you do. The people themselves should also want this. A million buildings will be demolished in Istanbul, you cannot do this with your strength. "Our building should be demolished and the new one should be built." So think of a site, residents should prepare their project, we agreed with the contractor, you need to make the following decision, take this decision, we don't want anything. Let us ensure that the site is renewed with the decision of the council we will take. Stating that expropriation is one of the most important methods to produce services in a city like Bursa, where housing is intense, Mayor Altepe said that at the same time expropriation provides an important urban transformation.

Mayor Altepe reminded that Şükraniye's workplaces were expropriated and demolished and a new sports facility was brought here. Dönüşüm The most beautiful transformation is expropriation and destruction. Each destroyed building means a newly opened road, a new facility. Expropriation is the latest method used by mayors. The total expropriation made in the last 15 years is 154 million TL. We have spent 3 million TL annually for expropriation of 150. The most important success grade of the municipalities is expropriation. In this regard, our metropolitan municipality has a high performance. Kul

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