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Contact bursaray directly
Contact bursaray directly

Buying a Scrap Wagon to Bursara! It has been suggested that BURSA Metropolitan Municipality will take 8 30-year-old vehicles that leave the Rotterdam metro of the Netherlands for scrap for the new 24-kilometer stage of BursaRay. TMMOB Chamber of Mechanical Engineers (MMO) Bursa Branch President İbrahim Mart, who said that the vehicles will risk the lives of the passengers because they are old, said, “The municipality, which hurriedly purchased scrap wagons without tender, did nothing for two years. Why is the municipality working to produce the local tram 'Silkworm' going to purchase second-hand imported vehicles? asked.

MMO Bursa Branch made claims about additional wagons while the end of the 1998-kilometer line of BursaRay, which started to be built in 2012 to reach Bursa and reached 31 kilometers until 8, extends from the Caryatağı District to the Kestel District.


Making a press release at the Academic Chambers Campus, MMO Bursa Branch President İbrahim Mart said that the Metropolitan Municipality, whose number of vehicles reached 78, needs 24 more vehicles along with the new line. Suggesting that Bursa Metropolitan Municipality did not learn from the negativities experienced in the purchase of wagons, Mart said:
“The Metropolitan Municipality, which did nothing for the purchase of vehicles for two years, is now acting. BURULAŞ was commissioned to purchase a second-hand vehicle without a tender, which does not even make a tender, and not to wait approximately two years for the production of vehicles at the end of the tender. In the Dutch city of Rotterdam, he bought 1984 wagons that were built for about 30 years and were scrapped in 44. 20 of them will be used for spare parts. The seat system in Bursa will be renewed after 24 of them have been modernized in Germany. It cannot be saved with second-hand vehicles that will cost 6 million Euros. In the rail system, service, maintenance and spare parts problems will increase with third-party vehicles. The use of scrap vehicles will be dangerous for passengers. Today, transportation cannot be provided with aging technology. ”


March, stating that the purchased wagons are not even brought to the agenda of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Council, asked Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe: “Has the approval of the Ministry of Transport been received for the second-hand vehicles you prefer? You are working hard for domestic tram production silkworm, on the other hand, you are chasing after second hand imported vehicles. How will you explain this? Will not it return to Bursa's scrap wagon dump with second-hand wagons in the future? Will domestic production be prevented by imported purchases?

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