Open Call for Artists and Designers from the IGART Art Projects Competition

Open Call to Artists and Designers from the IGART Art Projects Competition
Open Call for Artists and Designers from the IGART Art Projects Competition

IGA Istanbul Airport aims to bring together the cultural memory of Anatolian geography with different cultures, with the identity of Istanbul blended with culture and art, through the IGART Art Projects Competition. In accordance with this purpose; While IGART presents a highly democratic model by opening the public space to competitions, the second Art Projects Competition is being implemented. The grand prize of the competition was determined as 2 million TL. The work, which will be the winner of the competition, will be presented to millions of local and foreign people.

IGA Istanbul Airport, Turkey's gateway to the world, continues its mission of being an art center where different cultures meet and interact, as well as being the most important global transfer center in the region. Bringing all cultural and artistic works together with its passengers under the roof of IGART in 2021, IGA Istanbul Airport also focuses on promoting Turkish culture to world citizens. On this occasion, IGA Istanbul Airport planned art projects in 17 different fields within the scope of the Art Projects Contests, the first of which was realized.

The second of the IGART Art Projects Contests series is being implemented in this context. As it will be remembered, IGART announced the first of the Art Projects Contest in September 2021, with 35 projects participating in the contest, which was started for Turkish and foreign young artists and groups under 221 years old, and the winner of the 1 million TL grand prize, Betül Kotil's “Saya His work was titled "The Voice".

The cultural memory of Anatolia meets the world in the perspective of contemporary art

IGART, which creates a gateway to bring together Anatolia's rich cultural memory with the world in the perspective of contemporary art; With its selection committee consisting of interdisciplinary experts, it also stands out with a completely transparent, free, permanent and unique proposition model. Serving an average of 300 thousand passengers a day, IGA Istanbul Airport presents the work to be produced within the scope of IGART Art Projects to millions of visitors from different nationalities, while giving artists the opportunity to exhibit their works in one of Turkey's most important public spaces, such as IGA Istanbul Airport. In this way, Istanbul, the city of civilizations, has also brought a new culture and art space.

Within the scope of IGART, Painter and Academician Prof. Dr. Under the leadership of Hüsamettin Koçan, a distinguished nine-person selection committee (Prof. Dr. Marcus Graf, Mehmet Ali Güveli, Prof. Gülveli Kaya, Deniz Odabaş, Seçkin Pirim, Murat Tabanlıoğlu) worked in all fields of art from painting to sculpture, from architecture to criticism, from curatorship to academics. , Seyhun Topuz, Nazlı Pektaş) join forces to produce and carry out projects with an approach that considers social and social benefit.

The winning project will be announced on June 20

In the competition, it is stated that 50 thousand TL participation fee will be paid to the project owners who are evaluated in the second stage, while the owner of the project who wins the competition will be given a royalty fee of 2 million TL, which is the biggest prize ever to be given in the field of culture and arts in Turkey. The deadline for the application of the competition, in which bids will be received from the artists with an open call for the selection of works for the second stage, has been determined as April 1, 2023. The winning project is scheduled to be announced on 20 June 2023. The results will be announced on the official web channels with the IGART extension and in the media.

In the statement, which is stated that there is no material and technical limitation, it is emphasized that it is essential that the material and technique of the application or ready-made work be permanent and applicable within the physical conditions of the proposed project area. It has been announced that detailed information can be obtained about all works within the scope of IGART and the IGART Art Projects Competition at

There is no subject or technique limitation in the second competition either…

İGA Istanbul Airport CEO Kadri Samsunlu underlined that as the region's most important global hub, they have a mission to build bridges between countries, societies and cultures. “IGA Istanbul Airport is one of the first points where our foreign guests come into contact with our country. Therefore, in this venue, we undertake the promotion of our Turkey and Anatolia. With our first competition we held last year, we embarked on a promising journey for our young artists, and we received very qualified feedback from it. Now, we are very excited to realize the second IGART Art Projects Contest,” Samsunlu said, noting that their goal is to bring the IGA Istanbul Airport to a position where passengers meet art and cultures.

Chairman of the IGART Executive Board Prof. Dr. Hüsamettin Koçan, on the other hand, reminded that İGA Istanbul Airport is a place where cultures meet as well as being a transportation hub, and said: “İGART Art Projects have a structure that adopts a transparent and interdisciplinary approach and focuses on the suggestions of the artists. We believe in the absolute necessity of art in the public sphere, while aiming to integrate the identity of İGA Istanbul Airport with the geography and culture of the country and meet with universal values, with the works of artists from every generation who produce in the field of art and design in our country. In this context, the winning work in our second competition is; D1 – In the middle of the check-in area, the round space connecting the lower and upper areas of the departure and arrival terminals will be located in the area and will be perceived from both floors. Detailed information about the physical features of the space can be obtained from the website. We have no subject or technical limitations for the project to be implemented.”

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