Password Managers, Your Newest Friend

Password Managers Are Your Newest Friend
Password Managers, Your Newest Friend

Kaspersky experts explained how and for what purposes you can use modern password managers developed to make life easier and protect your personal data.

“Storage in file types”

Password managers can store your own passwords as well as a variety of formats and file types. For example, recorded financial data (not only the information of the card itself, but also the mortgage agreement, bank phone number, a code for the card sözcüIt can store screenshots and delivery addresses of documents or medical information.

“Fast access to information”

All this information can be stored in one place in encrypted form and only you can access it. This also means you won't lose anything and you can quickly find the information or file you need.

“Protects you against scammers”

Password managers not only help you keep your data, but also prevent it from falling into the wrong hands. For example, let's say you use data autofill when shopping online. While you think you're saving time, you may run into a problem when you enter a phishing site where scammers want to steal your financial data. Password managers also protect against this situation. The application checks their site and does not allow you to enter card data if questions suddenly appear on the page.

“Set a password for you”

Sometimes it's really hard to think of passwords that are complex enough. In an ideal world, you would need to use imagination and associations for this. In this way, scammers cannot guess your password by repeatedly guessing characters. If you don't want to waste time coming up with a difficult password, or if your imagination isn't working very well (it can happen to anyone), you can always turn to a password manager.

The app itself generates a random and complex password that is nearly impossible to guess or remember. It also sets separate passwords for each service or account. Thus, it becomes almost impossible to access your other accounts in case of hacking. You can read additional tips to strengthen your control over your personal data on the Kaspersky blog.

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