Turkey's First Hotel Management School Graduates Met with Tourism Candidates in Foça

turkey's first hotel management school graduates met with tourism candidates at foca
turkey's first hotel management school graduates met with tourism candidates at foca

The first graduates of Ankara Hotel Management School, Turkey's first hotel management school, met with tourism candidates in Foça. In the meeting that developed spontaneously without any planning, the doyens of tourism shared their memories and experiences with the youth.


The first graduates of Ankara Hotel Management School, which makes it a tradition to come together in another part of our country every year, preferred Foça District of İzmir this year. 20 guests, including a female graduate, gathered in Foça with the organization of their classmate Sebahattin Karaca, who has been working in tourism management for 41 years. The group met the students of Foça Halim Foçalı Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School, who went to some workplaces for applied lessons in the morning hours. With the invitation of Sebahattin Karaca, who knew them, the first graduates met with the graduate candidates. The elders, each with more than 40 years of tourism experience, started to talk about their domestic and international experiences while remembering their school years. It is clear that tourism is a business with an open horizon, that those who love the profession will definitely be successful, that it is very important to work abroad. kazanThey especially drew attention to the fact that the citizenship of another country should not be transferred after the death because this country desperately needs the experience and knowledge of the people it raises.


Cemal Demir, who stated that he graduated from Ankara Hotel Management School in 1969, said that it was a very good coincidence that they met with the students and shared their thoughts with them. Cemal Demir; It was a very good coincidence. We shared our thoughts with them. Nothing escaped my notice. In our time, there were about 40-50 people or 80 or 1 girls out of 2 people. Now even in a small group there are 3 female students. The increase in girls made me happy. I wish them success in their lives,” he said.


Emphasizing that he is 77 years old, Münir Gözen said that while he was planning to study at the Faculty of Medicine, he was a student who turned to hotel management and that he would like to be a tourism professional again if he were born again. Munir Gozen; “We always say. If we were born again, we would be hoteliers (tourists) again. Thank God we have always lived in beautiful places. We did good jobs. good money kazansteep. We didn't need anyone. Today we have a family business. We do aviation. We have our own planes. I hope these brothers will be more successful than us. Let the roads be open,” he said.


Stating that she is one of the first 2 female graduates of Ankara Hotel Management School, Ayten Yücel expressed that she could not be a hotel manager but always supported her friends, while Vural Demiriz said that hierarchy is important for the healthy functioning of the system. Vural Demiriz; Hierarchy exists in hospitality and military. It doesn't exist anywhere else. Our philosophy is learn and teach. I wish success to all my friends," he said.


Yılmaz Kılıçlı, a 1967 graduate, advised students to love their jobs. Yilmaz Kilicli; “I want to give one piece of advice to my younger brothers. Work and love your work. If you love, you are at the top. If you don't like it, you're on foot. Love your job," he said.


Sıla Özeren, one of the students, said that it is very valuable to receive advice from the first graduates of the tourism sector. Sila Ozeren; It is a very valuable feeling for us to meet the first graduates of tourism, who are older than us, and to receive advice from them. We want to follow their advice and come to beautiful places. We thank them very much,” he said.


Ali Akpinar; He said that they actually came to the town center to go to the butchers and fish houses to learn about meat cutting and fish types, but by a good coincidence they met the first graduates of the tourism sector. Ali Akpinar; “They gave us good advice, we got good advice. Thank you very much to all of them.”

Coincidences can sometimes go better than planned

Sebahattn Karaca, who stated that she has been working in tourism management in Foça for 41 years, pointed out that she had frequent meetings with tourism students, but that today's meeting was coincidental and very special. Sebahattin Karaca; “The first graduates of Ankara Hotel Management School and the students of Foça Halim Foçalı Tourism Vocational High School came together. It was a coincidence. Sometimes coincidences turn out to be better than planned. They had mutual meetings and exchanged ideas. My friends who graduated from their school years ago enjoyed chatting with these young people. They transferred their knowledge, skills and experience to our young friends. I took great pleasure in bringing them together, I am pleased.”

Students and veterans left, wishing each other good health and success.

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