Running Lovers Will Meet in Bursa for Eker I Run

jogging lovers will meet in bursa for a run
jogging lovers will meet in bursa for a run

Eker I Run, one of the sports events that grows the running family in Turkey and offers the participants a smooth racing experience thanks to the quality of its organization, starts tomorrow in Bursa.

Eker I Run, one of the sports events that expands the running family in Turkey and offers the participants a smooth racing experience thanks to its organizational quality, starts tomorrow in Bursa. Around 2021 runners will compete in Eker I Run 2.000, which will bring together athletics, entertainment, healthy life and charity on the same platform throughout the weekend. This year's motto of the organization, which will include the 42K Marathon, Turkey's first down-hill marathon, as well as the 15K, 5K and Roller Skating Races, as well as the Little Steps Run, will be “Take One Step, Make a Difference”.

The main center of entertainment, events, race starts and finishes within the scope of the organization will be Eker Meydan in Bursa's Nilüfer district. In this way, the residents of the region will feel like a part of the 8th Eker I Run.

The start of the 42K Marathon will be given at an altitude of 1.800 meters

The start of Eker I Run 2019K Marathon, which was held for the first time in 42 and is the first downhill road marathon in Turkey, will be given in the Uludağ Hotels Region at an altitude of 1.800 meters. Hundreds of runners will experience the four seasons along the track from Uludağ to Eker Meydan, and natural beauties will accompany them. The start and finish point of the 15K and 5K races, which are among the most popular events of the organization, will be Eker Meydan, which is also the center of entertainment.

The winners of the course will receive very special gifts.

Eker I Run will also offer unique gifts to the winners of the course. The winners of the 42K Marathon and the 15K Race for women and men will win the participation and travel package for the Zurich Marathon in Switzerland next year. Athletes ranking high in other races, on the other hand, will be entitled to participate in the Riva races to be held in 2022, as well as receive gift certificates, accommodation gifts and various prizes from sponsor brands.

Skaters of all ages will be able to participate in the 10 km track.

Eker Meydan will also host the Skating Race and Little Steps Run on Saturday, October 2nd. In the Eker I Run Skating Race, where skaters of all ages can participate, the track length will be 10 km and the athletes will compete with 4-row inline skates. Eker I Run Skating Race, which started in 2019, has the distinction of being the first skating race in Turkey.

The Little Steps Run, in which children aged 6-12 can participate, will enable the little ones to meet the right running techniques and sports. Various gifts will be given to the little runners who will participate in the 500-meter track.

In order to protect the health of runners, athletes' relatives, officials and volunteers throughout the organization, the Covid-19 measures specified in the relevant decision of the Turkish Athletics Federation will also be meticulously observed.

In addition, virtual races will be held on the 2K, 10K, 2K, 5K, and Skating race tracks between 15-42 October for the athletes who can't come to Bursa and run.

Charity Run continues to be a part of Eker I Run

Another area where Eker I Run will make a difference will be the Charity Run. Once again, cooperation will be made with Step by Step for the Charity Run, which is one of the fundraising methods used to support non-governmental organizations all over the world. In this year's Charity Run, with the efforts of nearly 700 volunteer runners, donations are collected to create an important resource for the realization of projects in many fields of activity that will touch more than 13 thousand beneficiaries in categories such as children, youth, women, disabled, nature and animals.

The donations to be collected within the scope of the Charity Run will be transferred to the projects of 18 NGOs that create social value. In 2019, within the scope of the Charity Run, 441.197 TL donations were collected and a record was set in the history of Eker I Run.

In addition, the participants who wish can both have a good memory and benefit the NGOs by purchasing the t-shirt and medal of the 2021th Eker I Run, all income of which will be transferred to NGOs to remember the 8 run.

The detailed schedule of Eker I Run 2.000, which will host 2021 athletes, is as follows:

Saturday, October 2, 2021

  • 10.00: Skating Race Start (Eker Meydan)
  • 11.20: Small Steps Run (Eker Meydan)

Sunday, October 3, 2021

  • 07.30: 42K Marathon Start (Uludag Hotels Region)
  • 11.00: 15K Race Start (Eker Meydan)
  • 11.15: 5K Race Start (Eker Meydan)
  • 12.30 – 13.30: Eker I Run 2021 Award Ceremony (Eker Meydan)

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