The Good News of the National Electric Locomotive from President Erdogan

national electric locomotive good news from president erdogan
national electric locomotive good news from president erdogan

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan spoke at the 12th Transport and Communications Council at Atatürk Airport. Erdoğan said, “We have developed our national electric train set. Next year, we are starting the production of our national electric locomotive.” said.

The headlines of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's speech are as follows;

I congratulate those who contributed to the organization of this important council. Atatürk Airport, which has represented our country in the aviation sector for many years, still hosts an international organization today. Our Atatürk Airport will continue to host international fairs, events and competitions from now on.

When we look at where it has come from in terms of investments, which are the basic infrastructure of development, we see that we have come a long way. Most of the projects that we talked about as vision yesterday stand in front of us as completed projects today.

In the photo that is standing in front of us now, we see the works we need to do, our shortcomings and new needs in addition to the completed projects. Especially the global crises, which we have started to face more frequently in recent years, such as epidemics and climate change, impose their own realities.

Behind almost all of the important changes throughout human history, there are developments that we have started to discuss again today, from climate changes to the emergence of new transportation alternatives. If we read this process correctly as countries and societies and fulfill our responsibilities fairly, we will do a good job for the common future of humanity.

Turkey is faced with the responsibility of leading the new process ahead. Although we were relatively out of this process that started with the industrial revolution, our geography has never lost its strategic importance. Today, we are ready in this geography, which maintains its position as a center again in every field. We invite all our friends and brothers along with ourselves to act together in this great leap forward.

“Our difference from many other countries is that we do not only seek to win ourselves, but also to win together”

We want to expand the opportunities for cooperation by showing the opportunities we have to those who still remember Turkey in its old state. Our difference from many other countries is that we are not only after winning by ourselves but also by winning together. We are going to our friends in all geographies from Africa to Asia with this offer. We will continue on our way with this approach, which is entrusted to us by our civilization and culture.

National electric locomotive good news from President Erdogan

As a country, we have an area of ​​780 kilometers stretching from Europe to the east to the Caucasus and Central Asia, and to the south to North Africa. You know best the difficulty of making transportation investments in this geography with a length of approximately 2 thousand kilometers and very difficult places. We have achieved this in every field. As Turkey, we have invested 19 trillion TL in the last 1 years in the field of transportation and communication. I would like to briefly describe some of these investments with their main headings.

“We crossed mountains with tunnels, valleys and streams with bridges”

We increased the length of the divided highway on the highway to 28.340 kilometers. We crossed mountains with tunnels, valleys and streams with bridges. Thus, we have established the infrastructure of a safe road transport in passenger and freight transport. We are constantly increasing this number. We increased our highway length from 1714 kilometers to 3534 kilometers. We are a country with an uninterrupted highway network from Edirne to Şanlıurfa, which is the gateway to the Middle East. For Aydın-Denizli, we increase our highway length to over 1915 kilometers with projects such as Malkara Çanakkale, which also includes the 4100 Çanakkale Bridge. We increased the tunnel length on our roads from 50 kilometers to 631 kilometers. In our country, neither impassable mountains, impassable valleys, nor impassable rivers with folk songs are left behind. Road transportation is no longer a burden for our citizens and has turned into a pleasure. Thanks to our highway investments, vehicle mobility in our country has increased by 170 percent and accidents have decreased by 80 percent.

“For the first time in our country, we built high-speed train lines and put them into operation”

Railway investments are another area we care about. Our rail networks were neglected for a long time. We have completely renewed our 12 thousand 803 kilometers of railway network, which we received with almost no development or additions. We have made significant progress in signaling works on existing lines. For the first time in our country, we built high-speed train lines and put them into operation. The construction of our new railway lines with a length of 3500 kilometers is still underway.

We are opening the Ankara-Sivas section on high-speed train lines soon. In addition to our international and national railway networks, we are rapidly developing rail systems in urban transportation. Over 811 kilometers of urban rail systems operate. We have developed our national electric train set. Next year, we are starting the production of our national electric locomotive. We are at the level of being able to produce in the metro, suburbs and trams.

“Our Istanbul Airport has become one of the great symbols of Turkey”

We increased the number of domestic airports from 26 to 56. With those still under construction, the number of airports will soon reach 61. Our Istanbul Airport, which has been in service for about 3 years, ranks 2nd among the best in the world and first in the list of the busiest airports in Europe. Our Istanbul Airport has become one of the great symbols of Turkey. With our investments in air transportation and the success we have achieved, we have come close to our goal of not leaving an unreached place both in the country and in the world.

We increased the share of maritime transport in our country's foreign trade four times. Only in the first 4 months of this year, our foreign trade by sea has reached 7 billion dollars.

We have come to an important place as a country in the shipyard sector and yacht manufacturing. Undoubtedly, our biggest project in maritime transportation is Kanal Istanbul. Kanal Istanbul, which we brought to the agenda about 10 years ago, has finally reached the stage of actual implementation. Sazlıdere Bridge is the first concrete step of Kanal Istanbul. We will continue to implement other works within the scope of the project within a certain plan.

“We are determined to implement smart transportation systems”

We have also taken great strides in communications investments, which have now become an integral part of transportation projects. We raise the standard of service we provide to our institutions and people in all areas of communication from broadband internet to fiber lines. We are striving to increase the rate of nationality and locality in future technologies, especially 5G. We are determined to implement smart transportation systems that provide advantages and savings in every aspect from time to fuel.

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