Local and National Production and Environment Emphasis in the Transport and Communication Council

Emphasis on local and national production and environment during transportation and communication
Emphasis on local and national production and environment during transportation and communication

At the panels held on the second day of the 12th Transport and Communication Council, experts talked about the future of transportation and communication. While the leaders of the sectors exchanged ideas, the emphasis was placed on domestic and national production and the environment.

The 12th Transport and Communication Council organized by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure continued at full speed on its second day. Speaking at the “Digital Reform in Communication: Digital Roads” panel, Deputy Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Ömer Fatih Sayan said, “Accepting a single application platform as the only option and not producing an option can have serious consequences in times of crisis. Therefore, it is necessary to increase the options and speed up especially domestic and national applications," he said.

Deputy Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Selim Dursun spoke at the "Innovation, New Trends and Green Logistics Practices in Sustainable Logistics" panel; drew attention to green logistics practices. Giving an example of the work carried out by the Ministry, Dursun said:

“There is a lot of work that we carry out or will do on these issues as the Ministry. We will give certificates and awards to companies that make environmental practices. We stand behind every step taken to protect the environment. This is included in all the projects we do as a ministry. This applies to highways, ports, infrastructures. Emission reduction and environmental practices are of great importance. Both the world and the EU are working on this issue. Carbon regulation in Europe. Despite the transformations related to the Green Deal, we must also prepare and implement it now.”


Head of Strategy Development at the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, Dr. Yunus Emre Ayözen stated that population growth and urbanization are increasing in the world, which doubles the increase in mobility. Emphasizing that in the planning carried out with the target of zero emissions in 2053 according to the Paris Agreement, a suitable transportation network should be put forward, Ayözen said, “The transportation sector affects this emission with 16.2 percent. We need to take some steps to reduce this. Sales of electric vehicles are on the rise. Sustainable development goals also envisage them. On the other hand, the city will become more compact and accessible with more mobility. We have to adapt to this. They say that micro mobility vehicles will also increase, reaching 2024 million in 4.6. Studies show that such uses increase 1.5-2 times when a microbility vehicle is placed at the end and beginning of the roads. We are working on them," he said.

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