Corendon Airlines Will Increase The Number of TFOs It Will Employ

corendon airlines will increase the number of tfo it will employ
corendon airlines will increase the number of tfo it will employ

Corendon Airlines is carrying out the "Second Pilot Candidates" project for the sixth time, which has attracted great interest among pilots without type training. Operating flights to 65 destinations in 165 countries, Corendon Airlines, the "Airline of the Firsts", will start the training of the candidates to be accepted into the program in December after the preliminary evaluation. Berna Oskay, Human Resources Director of Corendon Airlines, stated that the pilots graduated from flight schools have all the opportunities to carry out all of their type training within their own structure, and that the performance of the candidates they have employed so far and their loyalty to the company reveal the success of the project.

Corendon Airlines, which first implemented this project in 2015 in order to expand its flight crews, will organize sessions where the project is explained in detail by including all candidates who are flight school graduates and have the necessary qualifications this year.

In the project, in which 16 co-pilots will be selected as a result, the candidates will come together with the company executives in the sessions to be held in the provinces to be determined according to the application density. After this step, the following evaluation process of the candidates who learn the whole process will take 2 months.

Tuition fees can be reimbursed through a special financial modeling

Candidates who provide the necessary documents after the two-month evaluation process will be subjected to an interview and simulator evaluation in November-December. Candidates who successfully complete this evaluation will start their type training as of the second week of January and their line flights in the continuation of this training period. Candidates who are successful at the end of the process will be able to pay their fees back to the company through a special financial modeling after they are appointed as F/O at the end of the training. In this context, 40 people will be accepted to the program, which 16 pilot candidates have completed so far.

“We are proud to train second pilots who will serve for many years”

Corendon Airlines Human Resources Director Berna Oskay made the following statements before the project to be held for the sixth time:

“As Corendon Airlines, we have all the facilities at international standards to carry out all type trainings of pilots who graduated from flight schools, within our own organization. With this project, we are proud and happy to train second pilots who will serve in our family and industry for many years. Compared to previous periods, we are increasing the number of Trainee First Officers to be employed at the end of this project.”

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