ASPİLSAN Energy Ranks 36th in Number of R&D Projects

Aspilsan energy ranks next in the number of R&D projects
Aspilsan energy ranks next in the number of R&D projects

According to the number of R&D projects in 2020, ASPİLSAN Energy was the 36th company that carried out the most projects in our country. ASPİLSAN Energy, which has been responding to the energy needs of the defense industry for 40 years, has significantly expanded its portfolio with new products by turning to different sectors with the innovative solutions it has produced in recent years.

Ferhat Özsoy, General Manager of ASPİLSAN Energy, who made a statement regarding the importance given by ASPİLSAN Energy to R&D activities in order to reduce our country's dependence on foreign energy needs, said: “As ASPİLSAN Energy, we closely follow the innovative solutions and advanced technologies in our sector. In order to reach innovative solutions and bring them to our country, we carry out R&D activities in many fields, as well as closely monitoring companies and technological developments in the world. We are working on R&D collaborations and production opportunities in the international arena to ensure that the latest technologies in the energy sector are used in our country at the same time as the world.

We Will Reduce External Dependency

In this context, we took our place as the 2020th company that carried out the most projects in our country in terms of the number of R&D projects in 36, with the studies we carried out in our four R&D centers located in Kayseri, Ankara, Istanbul and Edirne, and the largest 2020 companies in R&D expenditures in 182. We became a company. The development of our defense industry with the efforts of Turkish engineers with domestic and national resources will not only contribute to the strengthening of our country's industry, but also reduce our foreign dependency.

As ASPİLSAN Energy, our vision is to develop innovative approaches in order to enable our country to achieve its technology and renewable energy targets. In this direction, we carry out all our activities with firm steps without leaving the strategy we have drawn in order to produce energy solutions on a global scale.”

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