Trabzon Airport, which was repaired last year, was closed again for emergency maintenance

Trabzon airport, which was repaired last year, was closed again for emergency care.
Trabzon airport, which was repaired last year, was closed again for emergency care.

Trabzon Airport, which went through a 58-day repair for 200 million liras with the covert tender held for the cracks on the runway last year, was closed again for emergency maintenance. prof. Dr. Osman Bektaş said, “For years, the waves of the Black Sea have made the bottom of the airport this way. If I had a cap on my back instead of a robe, maybe I would have kept my word, and this point would not have been reached.”

According to the news of Yusuf Demir from SÖZCU; ” Trabzon Airport, one of the busiest airports in Turkey, where 30 thousand planes land and take off per year, was closed to flights today. All flights have been cancelled. The flights were diverted to Ordu-Giresun Airport.

The reason for the closure was explained as "lighting and some deficiencies", but experts are skeptical about it. Because for such a reason, it is not uncommon for all flights to be canceled and closed completely at an international airport.

According to experts, the reason for the closure is the collapse and cracks in the runway. Cracks and collapses that have been going on for many years have started to follow a more severe picture for a few years.


A secret tender was held last year over the proliferation of cracks and collapses. The repair tender of 58 million liras was awarded to MAKYOL, one of the most popular contractors of the AKP government, with a special invitation. The repair at the airport took exactly 200 days.


When everyone said that especially the people of Trabzon were relieved, it turned out that the problem was not resolved. Because cracks continued to form one after another on the track. All flights were stopped due to cracks formed on August 20, and the runway was closed. The runway was reopened after temporary measures were taken. When the same problem recurred in the past days, the Ministry of Transport had to decide to completely close the runway for one day.


Geological Engineer Prof., who served as a lecturer at Karadeniz Technical University for 45 years. Dr. Osman Bektaş is following closely with all the details. prof. Dr. Bektaş says, "If I had a cap on my head instead of a robe, I would have kept my word, and this point would not have been reached."

prof. Dr. Osman Bektaş's determinations and evaluations are as follows: 

  • The area where the runway is located actually has a strong basaltic structure, but it is not in a uniform layer. In the form of ridge-pit, ridge-pit. The pit areas are filled with red soft soil mixed with clay and this collapses over time.
  • However, the Black Sea rises 3 millimeters a year, and fierce waves constantly carve the lower parts of the airport, especially in winter. The materials hanging on top also slide downwards under the effect of gravity, so there is wear and erosion towards the runway. For years, waves have made the bottom of the airport like this, to lace.
  • The problem in the geological structure can even be seen with the naked eye from the environment. The behavior of the ground is already clearly visible in the open on the slope right next to the runway. The floor is flowing. Therefore, it is not possible for this not to happen under the track.
  • In the hotel right next to the airport, spurs were placed to prevent coastal erosion, but no precautions were taken here. Retaining walls are drawn but insufficient.
  • The area where the airport is located is quite active in terms of geology. A ground made of red clay. It is suitable for sitting and floor sliding.
  • We expressed these reservations, then they tried to take some measures, but they were insufficient.
  • Taking the pandemic as an opportunity, they made an expense of 58 million lira. What they did is a palliative solution. Deformation structures with corrugation (collapse in the form of folds) have been removed. They scraped the asphalt and concrete on the runway and poured new asphalt and concrete. But there is a ground that is suitable for sitting and collapsing at the bottom. Once this floor is not reinforced, whatever you do on top. As a matter of fact, these events were repeated 3-4 times.
  • This year, the same corrugation structure was formed again. Flights have been cancelled. The same events will be repeated in the future.
  • Finally, the runway was closed again today. The explanation made is called lighting and some deficiencies. It's not believable.
  • It is never explained what the problem is or what to do. Human life is at stake here. Hundreds of people use it every day. Covert work is done every day in Turkey. But we as scientists have a duty to warn the society.
  • First of all, a geophysical study should be done. Accordingly, ground reinforcement should be made.


  • When the airport was built in 1957, such ground survey etc. there is a runway that has been prepared by pouring concrete on it without much construction. At that time, it met this need, and there were no problems. However, over time, the density increased, the planes grew, the ground began to settle as the planes took off and landed over the years.
  • I've been saying it for three years. but science lags behind politics. There is secrecy in the work done, why should there be secrecy? I'm revealing my life, I'm going to get on a plane from here to Istanbul, how will I go. Is there really a problem? Will I have a problem when the plane is taking off and landing? Can they guarantee that there will be no problems tomorrow?

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