Countdown Starts for Test Flight at Rize-Artvin Airport

Countdown has started for test flight at rize artvin airport
Countdown has started for test flight at rize artvin airport

Rize Governor Kemal Ceber, together with the officials accompanying him, made examinations at the airport and made statements to the members of the press.

In his statement to the journalists, Governor Ceber stated that the airport, which is one of the most important investments of Turkey and the region, will be an exemplary project in the world when it is completed, and said that 97,7 percent of the filling works at Rize-Artvin Airport have been completed and that test flights will take place in December.

Expressing that the filling activities will be completed in a month and a half, Governor Ceber said, “100 million tons of filling is planned. As of today, 100 million 97 thousand tons of 700 million tons of filling has been completed. Work continues for the remaining 2 million 300 thousand tons. When we evaluate that we fill an average of 100 thousand tons of filling per day, the filling activity will be finished in a month and a half.”

Emphasizing that the works continue within the scope of infrastructure, Governor Ceber said, “We are at the level of 96 percent in infrastructure works. We anticipate that the infrastructure works will be completed within 2 months, that the infrastructure works will be completed completely by December, that the runways will be ready and the planes will be able to make test flights," he said.

Underlining that the superstructure works have been disrupted due to the rains in recent months, Governor Ceber continued as follows: “We are at the level of 48 percent in superstructure construction. This year the climate has been very challenging for us. We can beat geography with our engineering developments. We had a rainy season in Rize that started on July 12 and caused great disasters to our city. Except for the last two days of the last 85 days, there was continuous rainfall and continuous yellow orange warning. There were days when friends could not work with this investment, where every day is important to us. There were teams waiting for the rain to stop for 40-45 days to pour concrete asphalt. We do everything meticulously. Therefore, there may be some sagging in our superstructure. We assess that there may be minor sags due to the climate and heavy rainfall.”

Noting that they are trying to do the construction in the healthiest way, Governor Ceber said, “When it opens, it will be an international airport. It will allow the world's widest aircraft to land on a runway with an annual passenger capacity of 3 million and a length of 3 thousand meters. Our terminal building will remind of the old Rize architecture. The symbols of Rize will be in the form of tea leaves and tower tea cups.” used the phrases.

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