New Audi RS 3 Equipped with Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R Produced in Izmit Records

Pirelli p zero trofeo r equipped new audi rs ten record
Pirelli p zero trofeo r equipped new audi rs ten record

Pirelli's Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R tires produced in Izmit, Turkey, broke a new record with the new Audi RS 3 on the legendary Nürburgring track in Germany. Equipped with Pirelli's most capable sporty road tire, Audi broke the compact car record of 20,8 with a margin of 7 seconds, with a time of 40.748d2019s on the 4.64 kilometer track.

Trofeo R tires, which broke this record with their performance, were used in size 265/30Z R19 at the front and 245/35Z R19 at the rear. Preferring larger size tires at the front is an important factor in increasing driving pleasure with a sportier feel.


Working in collaboration with colleagues at Audi, Pirelli engineers have developed a special version of the P Zero Trofeo R for the latest RS 3 model. There are also road homologated versions of track tires developed with Pirelli's experience in the top motorsport championships around the world. These tires, where the most advanced technologies are used especially when it comes to the compound, construction and tread pattern, offer the best possible performance both on the track and on the road. For example, the tread pattern is designed to increase stability on shortened braking distances as well as on straights, and to improve lateral grip on bends. These tires are produced at Pirelli's Izmit factory in Turkey. Pirelli Izmit factory, which also produces racing tires for a wide range of motor sports championships in which Pirelli participates, manufactures with the same technologies and equipment used in the most advanced motor sports tires.


The famous P Zero, an alternative to the P Zero Trofeo R tyre, was designed for drivers focused on daily use rather than the track. Offering performance and comfort together, this tire does not compromise on speed, sporty character and control. Complementing the sporty personality of the Audi RS 3, P Zero also stands out with its contribution to sustainability. Designed to optimize rolling resistance, these tires have an "A" rating on the European tire label with their structure and materials, proving that they reduce fuel consumption and benefit the environment. The use of Pirelli's virtual design and simulation technology in the tire development process also contributes to this benefit. In this way, the development time can be shortened and Audi's expectations can be responded to more quickly, while the need for fewer physical prototypes offers other benefits in terms of sustainability. The AO marking on the sidewall of the tires shows that they were designed specifically for Audi in line with Pirelli's 'perfect fit' strategy.

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