Second-Hand Cell Phones Will Go Through Expert Control

second-hand mobile phones will be subject to expert control
second-hand mobile phones will be subject to expert control

The second-hand phone market in Turkey has a volume of approximately 15 billion TL. Many practices are being implemented in order to regulate the second-hand phone market and to protect consumers. In addition to owning a new phone, it is of great importance to get a good research and expert opinion before owning a second-hand phone. Offering appraisal software solutions that are valid both in Turkey and in the international arena with the software it has developed, OPPA TEKNİK provides information about all the processes that the device goes through while buying a second hand phone.

The mobile phone market is of great importance in Turkey as it is in the world. Mobile phone users want their needs met completely when purchasing new or used mobile phones. At this point, it is a priority for users to know detailed information about the device, especially before purchasing a second-hand mobile phone. kazanhe's eating. OPPA Teknik, Telekomünikasyon Danışmanlık Ltd., which allows to have information about the purchased product. Şti, thanks to its mobile phone appraisal report solution, enables consumers to have the product they want without any problems.

Expert of second-hand mobile phones: OPPA TEKNIK

Stating that the buying and selling of second-hand products in Turkey and in the world has a very important place, OPPA Teknik, Telekomünikasyon Danışmanlık Ltd. Şti General Manager Yusuf Yıldırım said, “The mobile phone industry is growing exponentially with each passing day. In addition to the use of new products, the use of second-hand products is also highly preferred by consumers. Thanks to our appraisal report, which facilitates making these choices, we want to lead the way in making the lives of users easier and having detailed information about the products to be used. Our mobile phone appraisal software we have developed has no precedent in the world. Thanks to the spread of our software from Turkey to the world, we will be breaking new ground in buying and selling second-hand mobile phones.” said.

There will be no question mark in mind when buying a second hand phone

Expressing that there are many question marks in the minds of buyers and sellers when purchasing second-hand mobile phones, Yusuf Yıldırım pointed out that they can answer all questions with the software they have developed. Emphasizing that thanks to the software, it is possible to learn many details such as which applications the products go through before purchasing, which parts are changed and where they are produced, and conveyed the following information on the subject: “Thanks to our innovative software we have developed, we answer all questions from consumers about the product they want to buy. Having complete information about the product to be used prevents the problems that arise in the purchase and sale of second-hand products. In other words, by giving confidence to both the buyer and the seller, troublesome situations are prevented. The appraisal report received has international validity. You can use the report you receive in consumer courts. The fact that the report is valid in the international arena is a kind of guarantee document for consumers.”

Contribution to both employment and exports

Emphasizing that thanks to the developed software, information pollution will be prevented in the use of second-hand phones, Yıldırım pointed out that training will be provided for the software to be used, and experts will be trained and they will be employed by the dealers. Yusuf Yıldırım, who said that there are over 10 thousand mobile phone dealers in Turkey, continued his assessment as follows: “Thanks to our innovative application, we will contribute to both employment and exports. We provide service with approximately 350 dealers in Turkey. In these dealers, our trained experts will serve the consumers. Apart from our dealers, we will ensure that other stakeholders in the sector benefit from these trainings, and we will contribute more to employment. Apart from employment, we aim to contribute millions of dollars to our country by exporting our software. Currently; We will expand our dealer network by providing this service to neighboring countries such as Azerbaijan, Iraq, Bulgaria, Germany, Georgia and Russia. We will start serving as of August 1, 2021.”

It is possible to have the appraisal report with appropriate fees.

Consumers can have the appraisal report with two options. Users who want to know whether the products have been repaired or not can benefit from this service for 50 TL, while a report can be obtained by paying 100 TL to learn comprehensively about all the operations performed on the device.

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