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Safety culture and awareness meeting
Safety culture and awareness meeting

TCDD General Manager Ali İhsan Uygun and the accompanying delegation visited all stations in Adıyaman, Kahramanmaraş, Gaziantep and Osmaniye on the second day of the "Safety Culture and Awareness" meeting and met with TCDD personnel. He listened to the ideas of the employees about how we can move TCDD to a better point and to create a safety culture.

TCDD delegation came to Adıyaman Gölbaşı, the first stop of the day. The delegation was greeted at the station by District Governor Mutlu Köksal. He received information about the district from the General Manager Uygun, District Governor Köksal, who made an investigation at the station for a while. District Governor Köksal stated that new OIZs were established and asked for alternative studies to be carried out for freight transportation. General Manager Uygun said, “Let your requests be studied by our teams. We would be pleased to serve your region within the framework of the possibilities.”

General Manager Uygun then received information about the rail measuring and mapping device. Experienced using the device for a while. Thanks to the high-tech IMS measurement system, the line axis coordinates and line parameters are updated to the device maps that provide very precise measurement and transferred to the digital environment. Thanks to the system, clearance control can be performed in tunnel scanning. All rail kilometer information is updated by calculating the geometric data obtained from these measurements.

Later, General Manager Ali İhsan Uygun and the accompanying delegation, who came to Gaziantep by the training train, were greeted by the 6th Regional Manager Oğuz Saygılı. Convenient, with the staff at Gaziantep Historical Station sohbet He.

Appropriate “Friends, the world is changing so quickly. A smart person learns from experience, a smarter person learns from the experience of others. We look at others, and we look at our own experiences. TCDD has an important duty to create added value for the country, both in terms of the rights of the employees and the profit of the institution. Everyone might think, what am I going to be? Be assured that by working harder, we will be better than today. We have 23 thousand employees with Subsidiaries. We manage our 13 thousand km railway network. With a TCDD that produces better jobs and adds more value to the country, we will all come to a much better point when we look from today to tomorrow. There is no separate. We are all one. Believe in yourself.” said.

General Manager Uygun held an information meeting with TCDD 5th Regional Manager Alisey Felek, 6th Regional Manager Oğuz Saygılı and TCDD personnel in the training wagon during the journey. New projects, improvements and problems related to the lines were discussed.

The safety culture and training train later arrived at Osmaniye Bahçe station. Here, the delegation was welcomed by Mayor İbrahim Baz and citizens. Mayor Baz stated that the new railway divided the district into two and said, “We do not see this as a division, but there are some problems. We look forward to your support and assistance in this matter.”

Appropriate, “We set out to visit our regions. We are negotiating with cities and counties. The mayor of the garden made his demands. Hopefully we will do the right thing. Railways take economic and social welfare wherever they go. Bahçe is a district that has had its share of this. Sometimes blessing becomes a burden. We divided the district, but we did not divide the hearts. These are good divisions. As the railways, we will do whatever is necessary here," he said.

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