Island Train Expeditions Should Be Made From Adapazarı Central Station

island train services should be made from adapazari central station
island train services should be made from adapazari central station

Independent Politician Ender Serbes stated that the Ada Train between Adapazarı and Istanbul should not be made from Mithatpaşa stop, but from Adapazarı Central Station Building, and said, “In order to reach the safe and cheap transportation of the people of Sakarya, the expeditions should be reopened to the Station Building in order to avoid wasting time and paying another minibus fee. It should be started from.” said.


Ender Serbes, in his statement, noted that the rail system has become the most important means of transportation in the world today. Expressing that developed countries have made huge investments in railways and have made great efforts to expand their networks, Serbes said, “Although there have been serious developments in the railway field in Turkey in recent years and the importance of the rail system has been understood, Adapazarı-Istanbul train services are very sparse and it is a difficult station to access. It is incomprehensible that it operates through It is a great contrast that the rail system, which has existed in Sakarya since the past, is not evaluated sufficiently and efficiently, while it is longing for provinces without railway transportation.”


Stating that the historical process of the Adapazarı-Istanbul railway line dates back to 1899, Serbes reminded that the expeditions were canceled due to the High Speed ​​​​Train (YHT) road construction works on this line in February 2012. Serbes, who informed that the flights started again in March 7 after about 2019 years, said, “For many years, the arrangement of the high-speed train line continued. The Island Train resumed services, but the number of voyages decreased a lot.

This time, due to the decisions taken in the fight against the pandemic, the Island Train services were completely stopped in March 2020. With the start of the normalization process on May 28, the flights continued from the Mithatpaşa station, not from the Adapazarı central station building. A tender was made for the renewal of the old electricity lines from the center to Mithatpaşa station. However, even after a long time, the renovation work on the site has not been started yet. Adapazarı Express is a service that Sakarya people use, benefit from and expect.” he said.


Pointing out that the Ada Express, which carries passengers between Adapazarı, Kocaeli and Istanbul, should be completed immediately and start from the central station building, Serbes said: “In the previous years, Adapazarı-Istanbul Express was working intensively in the form of 11 departures and 11 returns. There was a lot of interest in this line. Especially our fellow workers, who went from Sakarya to the industrial zone of Kocaeli and Istanbul to work, preferred the railway, which is a good alternative, which is almost half cheaper than road transport.

With the introduction of YHT, the number of flights decreased and the last 2 departures were reduced to 2 turns. The fact that the departure point was moved to the Mithatpaşa stop caused additional economic burden and time loss for the citizens. On this line, some parts of which are shared with YHT, the number of voyages should be increased as much as possible with a good planning and stable application, at least 5 departures and not less than 5 arrivals per day.

If the stability is maintained and the expedition continues regularly, the previous high demand will continue. Our people benefit from this alternative, cheap and reliable transportation opportunity whose infrastructure is already ready. In addition, our disabled brothers and sisters benefited from this line free of charge, and at a discount in groups such as retired and security personnel.”

Pointing out that the necessary arrangements should be completed as soon as possible and the Ada Express services, which have an important place in the history of Sakarya, should be started again from the Central Station Building, Serbes emphasized that the inefficient use of such a ready line with a high customer potential is a great loss for our city. Serbes said, “As Sakarya, we must protect the rail system together. All rulers and politicians with power should unite and unite on this issue.” he called.

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