General Manager Made Inspections on the Appropriate Varda Bridge

Safety Culture and Awareness meetings
Safety Culture and Awareness meetings

TCDD General Manager Ali İhsan Uygun and the accompanying delegation met with the personnel at the regional directorates and stations in Adana and Niğde provinces on the third day of the "Safety Culture and Awareness" meetings. Niğde Deputy and Niğde Mayor made a surprise visit to the "Safety culture and awareness" train.

TCDD delegation from İskenderun to Adana was welcomed by TCDD 6th Regional Director Oğuz Saygılı. General Manager Uygun received information about Adana Station, which is under renovation. At the meeting in the training train conference hall, investments and projects in the 6th Region were discussed.

General Manager Uygun also made investigations on the Varda bridge on the route, and received information from the Mayor of Karaisali, Saadettin Aslan. Shortly after the delegation left for Niğde, the headman of Ulukışla Güneyköy and the residents of the village said that they had some demands and stopped the training train. Uygun and the accompanying delegation went down to the village and listened to the problems of the villagers. Mukhtar said, “We need an underpass to reach our fields, neither our tractors nor our animals pass.” He conveyed his underpass demands. General Manager Uygun, who carried out on-site inspections with the delegation, instructed the underpass to be built in a short time. Suiting the villagers, “TCDD takes economic and social welfare wherever it goes. Here, too, we will solve the problem of our citizens and make an underpass. I gave instructions to my friends and they start working”.

The delegation then came to Niğde Train Station and evaluated the studies and new projects. During the meeting, Niğde Deputy Selim Gültekin, Mayor Emrah Özdemir, Niğde Provincial President Ömer Kılıç made a welcome visit.

Deputy Gültekin, Baykan Özdemir, Provincial President Nevruz later got on the Training Train and attended the meeting. General Manager Uygun shared information about the three overpasses, new roads and projects to be built in Niğde.

Mayor Özdemir said, “TCDD has provided great services to our city and continues to do so. They made big investments. We thank them.” said.

Gültekin said, “As we said, TCDD brings prosperity to the places it goes. Both logistics and passenger transportation are important for our city. We had some requests. We talked to the General Manager and got the necessary support.” said.

They went to the area where the logistics center will be built by train and exchanged views on the spot. Detailed information was given about the project and its contributions to the economy of Niğde.

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