10 Safest Cities in the World


In order for a city to be livable, it is important that there are many historical and natural beauties, developed transportation infrastructure or richness in terms of culture and art, but these are not enough. Cities also need to be safe. Today, the increasing crime rate, especially in metropolises, makes safe cities even more valuable. So, how safe is which city?

1. Tokyo


Tokyo is the safest city in the world when compared to factors such as total crime rate and residents following the rules. In Japan's capital, people think they are safer than anywhere else in the world. Among the reasons for this, the Japanese generally prioritize respect for the rights of others in their social values. Particular attention is paid to foreign tourists in the city and measures are taken to ensure that your journey takes place in the safest conditions. Being at the top of the list in Tokyo, which is also one of the largest and most crowded cities in the world with a population of 35 million, is a great success.

2 Singapore


The second safest city in the world is Singapore, another city from the Far East. People from all over the world live in Singapore, which is one of the most important trade ports in the region. The majority of the inhabitants are Chinese, Malays and Indians. Do not be surprised that such a cosmopolitan city is among the safest cities in the world. It leaves behind many developed countries of the world with its economic and commercial life, especially in technology and transportation. Shopping is also an important source of income in Singapore. Especially Chinatown on Orchard Road can be preferred for both shopping and delicious food. If you are considering spending your holiday in the safe environment of Singapore, we recommend visiting between May and July. Because heavy rains can be seen at other times of the year, especially during September - March. Singapore's airport alone is worth seeing. Changi Airport, which has broken grounds in many fields in the world, has also proven this feature by being selected as the "best in the world" many times. There are playgrounds, massage chairs, orchid garden, bamboo garden and even an artificial waterfall inside the airport. The most surprising detail is the Butterfly Garden in Terminal 2, where more than 3 butterflies live. If you have more than two hours before your flight, you can also watch a movie in the cinema hall at the airport. If you want to eat, you can find Singapore and Chinese cuisine, as well as world cuisines and fast food restaurants here.

3 Osaka


Osaka, the second largest city in Japan after Tokyo, is also the second Japanese city to enter the list of safest cities after Tokyo. This city, which is famous not only for its advanced security system but also for its delicious Japanese food, is known as the "kitchen of the nation". In Osaka, which is also a "shopping paradise", you can shop for electronics, clothing and luxury goods in areas such as American Village, Namba, and Shinsaibashi. You can go to Osaka, the sister city of Istanbul, at any time of the year, but the climate is more favorable especially in April – May and September – October. If you don't mind the heat too much, you can go during the summer months.

4. Stockholm


With a population of nearly 1 million, the Scandinavian country of Sweden's capital, Stockholm, is one of the safest cities in the world. The calm and peaceful lifestyle seen throughout Scandinavian cities peaks in Stockholm. It is almost impossible to even hear the horn sound in the city. We can guarantee that you will enjoy wherever you go in such a peaceful place. If you want a few suggestions, we can call "Stockholm's Disneyland, Gröna Lund with toys that contain all kinds of adventure and action, Skansen Open Air Museum & Zoo for those who say they want to see the natural life and animals of the region, Vasagatan for those who say they want to shop, again fresh vegetables specific to the region." – we can recommend local markets in Hötorget and the surrounding districts, where you can buy fruit. If you are interested in history, you should definitely see Gamla Stan, the old city center. Contemporary Art Museum, Stockholm City Museum, Scandinavian Museum and Royal Money Museum are among the museums that you should not leave the city without visiting.



Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, is also in the top five in the list of the world's safest cities. The fact that the city, which is also known as the "capital of nightlife and entertainment", is among the safest cities is the most important indicator that the people living in the city avoid harming others while having fun. Taking its name from the Amstel River on which it was founded, the city stands out among other world cities with its canals even more than Venice, one of the most livable cities in the world with its calm life and large parks, and its safe environment. While walking around the fun and safe streets of Amsterdam, you can visit Dam Square, Rijsk and Van Gogh Museum, and the "Red Light District", also known as the "Red Light District", the center of entertainment and nightlife. In addition, the Anne Frank Museum and the Rembrandt House are among the must-see places in the city. Our "Places to Visit in Amsterdam" gallery awaits you for the place you must see in Amsterdam, which is famous for its historical streets and canals. The iconic structures of the city along the Amstel River and the boat houses on the river are also worth seeing.

6 Sidney


Sydney, Australia's most famous port city, manages to enter the list of safest cities every year. In fact, the city, which was in the top five for some years, is now in the 6th place. Sydney's avenues surrounded by garden houses, large parks and beaches are considered to be among the most reassuring areas in the world. Sydney manages to enter the list of the best not only in safety, but also in different titles with its general quality of life and well-preserved nature. As it stands, it is hard to believe that the city was a place where criminals were exiled from England in the 18th century. The Sydney Opera House, one of the most iconic structures in the world, the Sydney Bridge, which is definitely visible in city photos, and the 305-meter-high Sydney Tower with its terrace where you can watch the city are among the places worth seeing. In addition, more than 100 beaches surrounding the city in the Southern Hemisphere, unlike ours, are among the favorites of city dwellers and tourists under the hot Australian sun in February – March. If you want a suggestion among beaches, Bondi Beach is worth seeing with its wide beaches and clear sea. Australia is also famous for its native animals such as kangaroos and koalas. The place where you can see all these creatures in Sydney is Taronga Zoo. It is possible to see many Australian animal species here, from predatory lions to the Tasmanian devil.

7. Zurich


Established at the foot of the Swiss Alps, Zurich is not only the 7th safest city in the world, but also a city that ranks first in terms of quality of life every year. It takes its name from Lake Zurich, which bears the same name. In addition to its natural beauties, it has become one of the most important banking and financial centers in the world, thanks to Swiss banks that attach great importance to privacy. Unlike many European cities, its climate is milder and suitable for visiting in all seasons. It varies between 2-7 degrees in winter and 19-25 degrees in summer. Like many European cities, the city has developed bicycle paths to explore by bicycle. Backer Park, the largest green area of ​​the city, the Fraümünster Church and Zurich Opera House are among the places worth seeing. Of course, skiing is one of the best activities to do in a city so close to the Alps. You can enjoy the world's most famous ski resorts by taking daily tours or staying in hotels in the surrounding area. If you want to shop in the city, endless options will still be waiting for you. You can buy the famous Swiss army knife, wrist or wall clock, and fresh and delicious chocolates from local shops. You can take a look at our article for other gift options you can buy from Zurich.

8. Toronto


Toronto, the largest city in Canada and also the capital of the province of Ontario, is one of the safest cities, despite the fact that it receives immigrants from all over the world, especially from China, South Korea, Italy and Portugal. With Lake Ontario in its southern part and the Toronto Zoo, one of the largest zoos in the world, it attracts tourists from both Canada and other countries. Yonge Street, which has the title of "the longest street in the world", can be preferred for shopping. The transportation infrastructure in the city is also very developed. You can easily reach almost anywhere by metro and buses without the need for a taxi. In addition, Scarboroughs, which are similar to our metrobuses, are preferred by many Torontonians and tourists. As a result of the cosmopolitan nature of the people living in the city, their eating habits are also quite variable. It is possible to find the most delicious examples of Indian, Chinese and Mediterranean Cuisine in the city. Although it has entered the list of the safest cities in the world, there are areas in Toronto where you need to be careful, especially when walking at night. Areas such as Regent Park, Moss Park, Malvern, Dorset Park may not be very safe for newcomers to the city. As for things to do in the city, you can enjoy the sun on the beaches around Lake Ontario, especially in summer, take the ferry to the surrounding islands, and explore the Distillery District, one of the most lively areas of the city.

9 Melbourne


Selected as the most livable city in the world in 2011 with its living conditions, health opportunities and climatic conditions, Melbourne is also among the top 10 safest cities in the world. Melbourne, which you can reach via connecting flights from Istanbul that lasts for 21 hours, is also the “world's most sporting city” and hosts many important sports events such as Fourmula1, Melbourne Australia Tennis Tournament. It goes without saying that you will not have any problems in transportation in the city, which also has the title of "the city with the largest tram network in the world". You can reach almost every part of the city by tram. In this city, whose climate is suitable for exploring in almost every season, the temperature drops to 10 degrees in winter. Spring and Summer months, which are not too overwhelming, are the best times to explore. Melbourne, located in the Southern Hemisphere, has the opposite seasons to ours. In other words, summer in December – January – February, and winter in June – July – August. If you go in September, you can catch the famous spring festival Spring Carnival. Among the must-see places in the city are the Melbourne Museum, St. Paul's Cathedral, Melbourne Aquarium and the Royal Botanic Gardens. If you want to explore the city from the air, you can join the balloon tours and helicopter tours organized for tourists in almost every season. For shopping, you can choose the shops in the Victoria region and buy special souvenirs for the city. In Melbourne, one of the cities where Turks live intensely, you will not feel like a foreigner at all. You can find a Turkish restaurant or market in almost every street in the city center. If you just want to walk around and watch the city, Southbank is a great choice. Well, how about going a little further back and seeing the house of Captain Cook, the explorer of Australia? Captain Cook's Cottage, built in 1755, was brought here in the 1900s. Inside the house, you can see samples of Captain Cook's belongings, and just outside you can browse the shops where you can buy souvenirs. If you get tired of walking, you can take a short break and rest in the park just outside the house. If you are interested in Far East culture and cuisine, you should definitely visit Chinatown, which you can see in almost all metropolises. The neighborhood, which gets lively especially in the afternoon and evening hours, will give you the opportunity to see another face of Melbourne. If you want to see the parks that reflect the natural life of the continent, our recommendation would be to visit the Royal Melbourne Zoological Gardens and Melbourne Aquarium, where you can see many animal species from kangaroos to koalas.

10. New York

New York

You may find it interesting that New York, which we are accustomed to seeing from American detective films, is included in the list of the safest cities in the world. As a matter of fact, the city's immigration from all over the world and its multicultural structure do not give people much confidence at first glance. However, after a few hours in the city, you may be surprised to see how organized and advanced security system you are in a city, especially in areas like Manhattan. In the city, which was built with a grid plan, all avenues and streets cross each other. This makes it harder to lose your way and find yourself in an unexpected place. When you ask someone for an address in Manhattan, they describe it as "walk 3 blocks, then turn right, two blocks later". Thus, even if it is your first time, you can easily find a place you are looking for. With its world-famous skyline surrounded by skyscrapers, the southern end of Manhattan Island is called Downtown, the center is Midtown, and the north is Uptown. The reason why it is called New York City (New York City), abbreviated as NYC, is also not confused with the state of New York, where the city is located. The other parts of the city, which is divided into 5 regions, are the Bronx, Staten Island, Queens and Brooklyn. People from all over the world, including Chinese, Italians, Spaniards and Indians, live in New York, which has always been a multicultural city since the day it was founded, and nearly 180 languages ​​are spoken in total. Italian and Chinese are also widely spoken in Italian and Chinese neighborhoods. Again in these neighborhoods, you can taste local delicacies from different countries and buy souvenirs. Wall Street, the financial center of the world, the New York Stock Exchange, one of the most important stock markets, Broadway where award-winning theater and musicals are exhibited, and the Metropolitan Museum, which has one of the most important collections in the world, are located in Manhattan. When you say which is the best time to visit New York, we can say that the city has a different beauty in every season. However, in the harsh winter season, exploring open air areas such as Central Park can be challenging for you. For transportation, one of the world's most developed metro networks will be waiting for you in the city. You can reach almost everywhere by metro except the suburbs outside the city. You can easily reach suburbs outside the city, such as Long Island, by taking the train from Penn Station in Manhattan. New York, which is also known as the "Big Apple" and "The City That Never Sleeps", has 24-hour lively streets that deserve this name. The best options for watching the city are the terrace of Rockefeller Center, also known as "Top of the Rock", and of course the viewing terrace of the Empire State, one of the symbols of New York. If you prefer evening hours for timing, you can photograph both daytime and nighttime scenery. For food, there are thousands of options depending on your budget. You can buy a hot dog sandwich from the hot dogs on almost every corner and taste the delicacies prepared by world-famous chefs. However, there are some delicacies such as New York style cheesecake and pizza that must be tasted. For those seeking specific advice, Mercer Kitchen in SoHo is worth a try. Let's go to the Statue of Liberty, the symbol of the city. You can reach Liberty Island, where the Statue of Liberty is located, by taking the ferryboats departing from the southern tip of Manhattan. It is useful to pay attention to the weather conditions when going here. Because in rainy and foggy weather, there are usually no flights.

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