22 Million Root Cannabis Seized in Diyarbakir

million coke cannabis seized in Diyarbakir
million coke cannabis seized in Diyarbakir

In addition to neutralizing the armed elements of the PKK terrorist organization, the Gendarmerie General Command also continues narco-terrorist operations in order to prevent the income it generates from the drug trade, which is one of the terrorist organization's biggest income sources.

As a result of the narco-terrorist operation carried out at 10 points detected in the Yalaza, Ortaç, Bağlan and Kabakaya Neighborhoods of Lice District on 11-2021 June 344 by the Diyarbakır Provincial Gendarmerie Command;

  • 22 million root cannabis plants,
  • 700 thousand root skunk plants,
  • 188 kg of cannabis powder,
  • 2 kg of herbal cannabis,
  • 10 water motors,
  • While 36 thousand meters of irrigation hose were seized, judicial proceedings were initiated against 225 suspects.

As a result of the destruction of 22 million root cannabis plants seized in the operations, 520 tons of cannabis resin was prevented. In the event that the seized cannabis plant is turned into cannabis, the terrorist organization was prevented from providing 5.2 billion TL of financing.



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