Normalization Begins E-Scooters Hit the Streets

normallesme has begun and scooters have landed on the streets
normallesme has begun and scooters have landed on the streets

Those who spent most of their time in their homes due to the pandemic clung to electric scooters as the restriction was lifted. Moving from the increased use of e-scooters, MediaMarkt draws attention to a few tricks for those who use e-scooters and those who are just starting to use them, which vary in price, distance, speed or carrying capacity.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of citizens starting to use their own vehicles instead of public transportation is increasing day by day. In addition to the electric scooters offered to the public at a per kilometer charge, the number of individual e-scooters is also increasing rapidly. However, riding a scooter also requires a certain experience. Knowing both the vehicle and the way you will use the vehicle is one of the most important factors.

Based on the increasing demand, MediaMarkt, the electronics retailer with the largest sales area in Turkey, highlights a few tricks for those who want to use e-scooters and upgrade to a higher model or for the first time users:

  • Decide how far you want to go with the e-scooter you buy. The distance will guide you in determining the engine power of your preferred e-scooter. If your e-scooter usage will be around 20 km per day, then 250 W e-scooters will do the trick.
  • If you are planning trips longer than 20 km or if you have a bumpy route, it is useful to choose e-scooters with higher engine power. In this case, you can choose e-scooters with power such as 500 - 600W and higher.
  • The driver's daily route is a factor that can also affect the wheel characteristics of the product in his e-scooter choices. Because the structure of the roads where e-scooters without shock absorbers will be used will directly affect the driver. In this area, e-scooters are divided into two as filled and pneumatic (inner tube) wheel models. While e-scooters with fountain wheels stand out with their more durable structure, they give more vibration to the driver on bumpy rides. Air wheels will provide a more comfortable use on uneven roads, but it will also be possible to explode against sharp or piercing objects.
  • When it comes to distance, the size of the battery is also concerned, and the number of hours the battery is charged is also an important factor. In addition, some products also offer different features such as a kinetic energy storage system.
  • Another factor that should be considered in urban use is the portability of the e-scooter. In this case, features such as the weight of the e-scooter and its foldability come to the fore. While light e-scooters offer more comfortable transportation in public transportation vehicles such as ferries, buses or subways, the weight of products with higher engine power and different features will also be higher.
  • Although the maximum speeds of e-scooters sold in the market vary according to their engine power and weight, many of them are limited to 25 km / h due to usage restrictions for the city. What about brake systems? Perhaps the most important issue is the braking systems in e-scooters, depending on the product. While there are fixed disc brakes throughout the products, some e-scooters also have a double disc brake or e-ABS regenerative anti-lock front brake system.
  • E-scooters provide many advantages over other vehicles in urban use. However, it is very important for other vehicles to see you. In this case, e-scooters with strong lighting at the front and back make a significant difference. In addition, the user's use of light reflecting products or extra light will also create significant advantages in terms of being noticed in traffic.
  • User's weight is also an important criterion in e-scooter preferences. The maximum carrying capacity of the products starts from 100 kilos and increases at various intervals.

When we look at the e-scooters in the product portfolio of MediaMarkt, the number one electronics retailer in Europe, there are options of up to 45 kilometers. Many models can be transported safely in public transportation vehicles thanks to their foldable structure, and they can even enter the luggage of taxis or private vehicles. These features not only make electric scooters stand out in urban transportation, but also make them the new transportation choice of many citizens.

Alternative products suitable for different budgets

When we look at the products on, Xiaomi Pro 2, Xiaomi Mi, Bood Kickscooter and Goldmaster Mobil urban E-Go electric scooters offer an enjoyable ride with their performance and charging times. The prices of these scooters range from 3.497 TL to 4.499 TL.

For those who prefer to use electric skateboard, there are alternatives such as Bood FW-S65A Self Balance and Gomaster SBS-653 6.5 Carbon Scooter, Lamborghini Glyboard Veloce 6.5, Kawasaki KX-Cross 8.5. The prices of electric scooters in the product range of MediaMarkt Turkey start from 2.199 TL and go up to 3.599 TL.

They stand out with their technical features

While the weight of electric scooters starts at 12,5 kilograms, the maximum speed limits vary according to the models. While many models have a digital panel with information such as speed, remaining battery life, in some models this screen is limited to the remaining battery life. While the carrying capacity of the e-scooters in MediaMarkt's product range varies between 100 and 120 kilograms, the devices are also separated from each other by brake systems. For example, Giddy and Bood brand scooters have Front Electric, Rear Disc Brake, while Xiaomi's models have Disc Brake and E-ABS Regenerative brake systems. Regenerative braking systems can store the kinetic energy generated as the vehicle slows down, so the energy obtained can be used later. This can provide vehicles with a longer range.

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