Botanic Park opened to Grafitti Artists from Ankara's Simge Parks

capital parks opened to graffiti artists
capital parks opened to graffiti artists

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality opened the doors of the parks and recreation areas to graffiti artists, after the streets and streets of the Capital. Taking action to change the definition of “Gray City: Capital”, the Metropolitan Municipality continues its support for both art and artists by beautifying the city. The Environmental Protection and Control Department, which carries out renovation works in the Botanical Park, which has become the symbol of Ankara, made a surprise to the citizens of the Capital with the 3D underwater work of graffiti artist Atione.

Metropolitan Municipality, which started to beautify the city with artistic works in order to save Ankara from the definition of being a gray city, now opened the Başkent parks to graffiti artists after the streets and streets.

In this context, the Department of Environmental Protection and Control, while completing the renovation works in Botanic Park, one of the symbol parks of Ankara, also surprised the people of the capital with their 3D graffiti work.


The Metropolitan Municipality, which first collaborated with street artists in Kızılay and had graffiti work on the walls, continues to color Ankara.

Stating that he is happy to work with Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, which continues to support art and artists, graffiti artist Atione gave the following information about his work in Botanic Park:

“Hasan Muhammet Güldaş, Head of Environmental Protection and Control Department, was the first to notice us from Ankara Metropolitan Municipality. He regarded our work as an art. He stood behind us, supported. After our work in Kızılay, we have now started to work with the Metropolitan Municipality for Botanic Park. Considering the social and cultural structure in Ankara, we thought of the underwater concept and prepared a concept that everyone can love. We wanted to add color to Ankara. Our project took 1,5 months due to the weather conditions. We used spray paint materials. We did a three-dimensional study. "


Onur Saraçel, one of the Interior Architects of the Department of Environmental Protection and Control, stated that the recreation areas and parks throughout the city will host artistic works and a visual feast with the project they have started.

“Botanic Park is one of Ankara's oldest and most beautiful parks. Over the years, our park has been deformed and neglected. As Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Department of Environmental Protection and Control, we decided to renovate our park from top to bottom. We wanted to add value to the park not only structurally but also artistically. We conducted a work with our graffiti artist Atione in various parts of our park. A beautiful work came out, we are waiting for the people of Capital. "

Günceleme: 31/01/2021 14:06

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