İzmir Marina Becomes a Center of Attraction Again

izmir marina becomes a center of attraction again
izmir marina becomes a center of attraction again

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality has completely recreated the marina in Üçkuyular, which it took over in June 2020. The facility, which was started to operate by the General Directorate of İZDENİZ under the name of İzmir Marina, was renewed and started to host boats. Maritime Education Center for children and youth and social facilities that all Izmir residents can benefit from are also being prepared.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality rented the marina in Üçkuyular, which has been idle for years, from the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation for five years with an open tender held on 19 June 2020 and named it İzmir Marina. Taking over the business and setting out with the slogan of “İzmir's Meeting Point with the Sea”, the İZDENİZ General Directorate started working rapidly with the aim of creating a brand new attraction point for the city.

In the first stage, the boatyards where mooring and maintenance-repair were carried out, were overhauled. As soon as 60 boats were opened, they registered at Izmir Marina with a capacity of 30 boats for 40 boats mooring at sea and wintering on land. Emphasizing that İzmir Marina is the only marina in the gulf, İZDENİZ General Manager Ümit Yılmaz gave the following information:

First step in yacht tourism

“İzmir Marina is the biggest choice of boat owners due to its being in the city… As İZDENİZ, we aim to make a breakthrough in İzmir in the field of high added value yacht tourism with the İzmir Marina project and become a model for the new marina planned to be built in the city. In addition, we want to increase the interest of the people of Izmir in the sea and maritime in the sea city of Izmir. With our technical team and renewed service infrastructure, mooring service, water, electricity (220/380 V AC), telephone and internet access, solid and liquid waste collection station, free car park, diver service, 24-hour sanitary, shower / toilet we offer possibilities. We will start to provide services such as marina market, yacht barriers, maintenance and repair services and agency services in a short time. "

Social and sports facilities

Expressing that they will turn Izmir Marina into a center of attraction for city residents, as well as establish an education center especially for children and youth, Yılmaz said, “Izmir Marina is also a social responsibility project. We aim to bring İzmir citizens of all ages together with the sea, with activities related to the sea. İzmir will gain a brand new attraction and education center with the social, sports and academic facilities that will serve in the marina. Thus, İzmir Marina will be a frequent destination for those who want to enjoy the view of the bay and the sunset, thanks to its easy access both by sea and by road.

Coming into service in June

Noting that they are planning to activate the social and sports facilities in June, the preparations for the establishment are continuing, Yılmaz completed his words as follows: “Thanks to the applied training programs to be carried out by the İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Youth and Sports Services Department, children from İzmir will meet the sea at İzmir Marina. Swimming courses will begin in the renovated swimming pool. Children between 7-15 years old from İzmir will get to know maritime and sea sports; learn to use sporty boats (optimist, laser, rowing, etc.). At the same time, we will instill awareness of 'clean environment' and 'swimming gulf' to all our visitors, especially our children, the elders of tomorrow. "

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