Good News for the People of Ankara: Free Internet Service Will Be Offered in the Squares

Free internet service will be provided to Ankara residents in mujde squares
Free internet service will be provided to Ankara residents in mujde squares

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mansur Yavaş stated that the right to access the internet is a fundamental right and brings a new service to Ankara residents. President Yavaş, who previously provided internet access to 914 neighborhoods, will now provide high-speed free Wi-Fi service to a total area of ​​35 million 2 thousand square meters in 362 squares in the capital. Saying that they will provide this service to parks and neighborhoods outside the squares by sharing videos through social media accounts, Mayor Yavaş said, "We will provide free internet to 10 million square meters area by the end of the year."

Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş, who made life easier for the citizens of the capital by signing human-oriented works, said, “the right to access the internet is a fundamental rightHe is bringing a new service to life by saying ”.

Having previously provided free Wi-Fi service to 914 neighborhoods that have internet access problems due to distance education, Mayor Yavaş will now provide free access to high-speed internet for all citizens in 35 squares.


Mayor Yavaş, who introduced the project with his video sharing on social media accounts, said, “Believes that the right to access the Internet is a fundamental human right; We respect this right endlessly. We will provide free Wi-Fi service to 35 million 2 thousand square meters in 362 different squares. Until the end of the year, we will count 10 million square meters of free internet ” dedicate.

Stating that they are preparing Ankara's squares for their return to their healthy days after the pandemic process, Mayor Yavaş announced that they will offer free Wi-Fi service in 35 squares firstly and then in neighborhoods (villages) and parks.


Free Wi-Fi service will be provided in 35 squares across the city in 2 million 362 thousand square meters of wifi coverage, 275 thousand square meters in neighborhoods (villages), and 4 million 604 thousand 574 square meters in parks.

Thanks to the internet speed, it will be possible to connect to the internet free of charge from homes and businesses close to Wi-Fi coverage areas. Within the scope of the project to be carried out by the Metropolitan Municipality Information Technologies Department, it is aimed to provide free wifi service to a total of 10 million square meters, including squares, villages and parks, by the end of the year.

   It will be given in stages in February and "" The free internet service, which can be followed via the address, will be installed in the following squares:

  • 1-Kizilay Square
  • 2-Guvenpark
  • 3-Ulus Square
  • 4-Medic
  • 5-Hacı Bayram Veli
  • 6-Beşevler University District
  • 7-Batıkent Metro In Front
  • 8-Batıkent Square (Atlantis AVM)
  • 9-Adnan Ötüken Park (Bahçelievler)
  • 10-Etlik (Adnan Yuksel Street)
  • 11-Etimesgut Train Station
  • 12-Rainbow Trail
  • 13-Victory Bazaar
  • 14-Keçiören (in front of the Municipality)
  • 15-Sincan Tulip Square
  • 16-Pursaklar (Martyr Salim Akgül Park)
  • 17-Akyurt City Square
  • 18-Ayas Town Square
  • 19-Bala Town Square
  • 20-Beypazarı Ataturk Park
  • 21-Çamlıdere Town Square
  • 22-Çayırhan Town Square
  • 23-Çubuk Town Square
  • 24-Elmadağ City Square
  • 25-Universe Town Square
  • 26-Güdül Town Square
  • 27-Haymana Town Square
  • 28- Ivedik
  • 29-Castle Square
  • 30-Kalecik Town Square
  • 31-Kazan City Square
  • 32- Kizilcahamam (Soguksu Departure)
  • 33-Nallıhan City Square
  • 34-Polatlı Town Square
  • 35-Sereflikoçhisar City Square

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