Detailed Cleaning in Trams and Stations from ESTRAM

detailed cleaning from estram at tram and stops
detailed cleaning from estram at tram and stops

Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality regularly carries out cleaning works on trams and stops every day so that citizens can travel with peace of mind. 47 trams, which meet the public transportation service of Eskişehir, are cleaned with great care between 22.00 and 06.00 every evening, while more than 100 stop platforms are preparing for the next week on curfew days.

Every day, meticulous work is carried out every evening in order to ensure that citizens travel in a hygienic environment on the trams preferred by tens of thousands of passengers. 7 trams serving 47 different lines are taken to a detailed cleaning at the Estram Care Center after their expedition time is completed. Every point in the tram is cleaned by the relevant personnel and made ready for the next day. In addition to trams, meticulous work is carried out at the stops. On Saturdays and Sundays, where curfews are restricted and trams are not operating, teams clean their stops on more than 100 platforms. On snowy days, the teams cleaning and salting the stops for the citizens to use easily, also regularly disinfect the stops.

Making a statement on the subject, Estram officials said, “We attach great importance to cleaning inside and outside the vehicle so that our citizens can travel in a healthy and hygienic environment. With the end of the routine trips, our teams carry out a detailed cleaning work on all trams until 06.00:100 in the morning. Considering our citizens with diseases such as asthma and bronchitis, we choose the cleaning products we use with great care. In addition, we carry out meticulous work on our platform of more than XNUMX stops on weekends, we carry out both disinfection and cleaning works. Our fellow citizens can travel on our trams with peace of mind ”.

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