SSI Transferred 2020 Billion Liras to Pharmaceuticals in 48,6

Transferred billions of liras for drugs in the past year
Transferred billions of liras for drugs in the past year

The Social Security Institution of the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services continues to screen effective, sustainable and reliable drugs and add them to the reimbursement list.

The reimbursement list includes a total of 8 thousand 933 drugs. 8 thousand 557's of these drugs are licensed while in Turkey, 376's is being supplied from abroad. 824 of the drugs on the list are used in cancer treatment.

10 Billion Lira Was Spent on Cancer and Diabetes Drugs

Pharmaceutical payments are among the most important expense items of SSI. Paying 2018 billion lira for pharmaceuticals in 30,9 and 2019 billion lira in 39,6, the agency's expenditure in 2020 was 48,6 billion lira.

Among the paid drugs, the ones used in the treatment of cardiovascular (cardiovascular) diseases ranked first with 6,4 billion liras according to the amount of payment.

Cancer with 5,6 billion lira, diabetes with 4,7 billion lira, infectious diseases with 4,6 billion lira, asthma-COPD with 2,7 billion lira, pain with 2,5 billion lira, 2,3 billion lira, respectively. The drug groups used for oral nutritional support treatments with lira followed.

According to the 2021 budget of the institution, it is foreseen to pay 59,2 billion lira for the medicine.

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