Massey Ferguson Tractor of the Year 2021

massey fergusona tractor of the year award
massey fergusona tractor of the year award

World famous brand's “MF 8S.265 Dyna E-Power Exclusive” model received the “Tractor of the Year 2021” award. AGCO's worldwide brand Massey Ferguson's “MF 8S.265 Dyna E-Power Exclusive” model was awarded the “Tractor of the Year 2021” award. This prestigious award, given by the jury consisting of members from 26 European countries, was announced at the “Tractor of the Year 18” award ceremony held in a fully digital environment on December 2021.

Making a statement regarding the award, Thierry Lhotte, Vice President and General Manager of Massey Ferguson Europe and Middle East Region, said that everyone on the Massey Ferguson team received the top award at the 2021 Tractor of the Year Awards. kazanHe stressed that he was honored to be a member.

Thierry Lhotte: “We defined a new era in tractor design”

Noting that they set out to define a new era in the field of tractor design and of course for their customers with the MF 8S Series, Thierry Lhotte said: “We are delighted that this prestigious award demonstrates that we have achieved this and how Massey Ferguson has defined a new era in simple and reliable tractor design. At the same time, we provide an enhanced user experience and provide our customers with the benefits of connected technologies, smart agriculture technology, for a sustainable future, ”he said.

The digital launch of the MF 8S Series also received many awards

Massey Ferguson, many awards with the digital launch of the MF 8S Series kazanwas. The MF 8S digital launch received a Gold Medal in the “Digital Event” category, alongside the Gold Medal Award in the “Best Use of Digital Technology” category and the “Best B2020B Digital / Hybrid Event” Silver Medal at the Italy 2 Best Event Awards. entitled to the award kazanwas. The Gold Medal Award as “Best B2020B Digital/Hybrid Event” at the World 2 Best Event Awards credited Massey Ferguson's new trade show and event strategy launched at EIMA 2018, blending physical presence and digital talent.

Award-winning technology

The award-winning “MF 8S.265 Dyna E-Power Exclusive” model leads the MF 205S Series, which includes 265 models from 4 hp to 8 hp. All tractors in this series offer 20 hp extra power with the "Engine Power Management" feature.

The completely new MF 8S Series; It offers innovative designs in all areas such as engine, cabin, gearboxes and drivetrain as well as new controls and connected technologies. MF 8S Series tractors, which give more value to the budget allocated to the product with their high standards, come with different feature packages, allowing the user to pay only for the features they need. The unique “Protect-U” design, with a distance of 24 centimeters that separates the engine from the cab and insulates it from noise, heat and vibration, stands out as the main feature that distinguishes MF 8S Series tractors from others.

Industry-leading cabin

The 4-pillar cab of the award-winning tractor is the quietest on the market with only 68 decibels and is also the industry leader with its distinctive sloping windshield providing the highest level of volume and visibility. The new multipad joystick and armrest inside the cabin provide optimum control with connectivity for smart farming operations. A new digital MF vDisplay display mounted on the right-hand column replaces the dashboard and leaves only the steering wheel and power control lever to provide exceptional visibility through the hood with its slim structure.

Complete connection is provided with MF Connect telemetry and Datatronic 5 terminal offered as standard. There is also the option of using an extra Fieldstar 5 terminal to manage the MF Technologies Suite, including MF Guide, MF Section Control and MF Rate Control.

New high efficiency transmissions

The all-new dual clutch technology of the award-winning "Dyna E-Power Exclusive" model combines the comfort of a CVT with the efficiency of a semi-automatic gearbox. This transmission reduces power loss by up to 26% at higher speeds and saves up to 5% in fuel. The new Dyna-7 semi-powershift is another transmission option offered in the MF 8S Series as an alternative, with 28 forward and 28 reverse speeds. The well-known Dyna-6 model, with its similar ease-of-use and reliability, offers smoother gear shifting, offering an extra gear range and is now made 15% more efficient.

Built on a 3,5-meter wheelbase and with a powerful new rear axle, the MF 8S Series provides 10% more traction. Offering higher performance with its powerful new hydraulic structure and PTO, this series reduces costs by operating more efficiently. MF 8S Series tractors can also be equipped with rear tires up to 650 meters in diameter (R75), including the latest VF42 / 1000 R2,05 Trelleborg TM42 PT special tire option.

Excellent feature selection

The award-winning MF 8S Exclusive feature package is a comprehensive equipment package that provides tractor operators with exceptional comfort and ease of use, as well as true performance-enhancing features to increase productivity and efficiency. In addition to the "Exclusive" models offered for sale, "Efficient versions" will be added at the beginning of 2021 and the Dyna-VT CVT transmission option will be added for all models in the following months.

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