KOSGEB 44 SMEs to Recruit Assistant Specialists


44 SME Assistant Experts will be recruited by the Small and Medium Enterprises Development and Support Administration (KOSGEB) to be assigned in the Provincial Units.


  • You can apply from 15:12 on 2020/09/00 until 29:12 on 2020/17/00. http://www.kosgeb.gov.tr will do so electronically using the E-Government passwords over the link specified in the announcement to be published on the internet address. In order for candidates to log in via E-Government, their e-mail address and mobile phone must be verified.
  • Each candidate can only apply for one position.
  • Applications will be made with TR Identity Number and identity, contact and address information, http://www.turkiye.gov.tr It will be taken from the (E-Government) system.
  • Any necessary announcements for candidates after their application can be made electronically. http://www.kosgeb.gov.tr will be made over the internet address.

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