Nominated in Two Categories to Izmir Metropolitan Accessibility Awards

izmir is nominated for two categories for big city accessibility awards
izmir is nominated for two categories for big city accessibility awards

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality competes in two categories as "Accessible Public Institutions and Organizations" and "Accessible Designs and Products" within the scope of "Accessibility Awards 2020". The result of the competition will be determined by public vote. The popular vote will continue until December 31st.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Accessibility Coordination Commission participates in this year's “Accessibility Awards” organized by the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services in two categories. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality competing in the categories of “Accessible Public Institutions and Organizations” and “Accessible Designs and Products” prepared two videos, one of 15 minutes and the other 5 minutes, for voting.

The videos highlighted the importance of making public buildings accessible and that all citizens with limited mobility can easily access all buildings without the help of others. It was also underlined in the videos that it is a fundamental human right to make a building accessible to everyone.

A design guide for public buildings was explained in the video made for the "Accessible Designs and Products" category. It is planned that the guide prepared by the Department of Survey and Projects will be shared with the technical personnel in the Metropolitan and all district municipalities, so that the accessibility principles in this guide will be taken as basis in existing buildings and new ones.

The Accessibility Coordination Commission is carried out under the coordination of the Survey Projects Department, the Social Projects Department and the Transportation Department.

To watch the first video prepared for the public voting, please Click here.

To watch the second video prepared for the public vote, please Click here.

To vote, please Click here.

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