Statement About Export Train From TCDD Tasimacilik AS To China

Explanation about the export train from tcdd transportation to china
Explanation about the export train from tcdd transportation to china

This night of trains carrying export cargo from Turkey to China HalkalıIt is reported that he will continue his journey to China by passing from Köseköy.

In the press release of TCDD Tasimacilik AS; "4 farewell ceremony on Friday, December Turkey-China Export Train's" path that returned such as "baseless, malicious regretfully we watched the news and shares.

Just before our train departs for China after our ceremony, for customs clearance and additional requests from China Halkalı He stopped by his station. This night HalkalıHe will come to Köseköy and continue his journey to China. Our train is targeted to reach Xian city of China within 12 days.

These processes are routine and must be completed in freight transportation. From Turkey, or even be made through the continuous rail freight and passenger traffic from Europe to China, thanks to the Marmaray Project implemented in our country and our railways have been able to make continuous throughout Anatolia.

We are confident that our people, who always welcome the great works we do in railway transportation for the interests of our country, will not respect the approaches that are designed and have treacherous feelings that want to shadow our success. " expressions were used.

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