Vandals Damage BISIM's Bicycles and Stations

vandals damage bicycles and stations of my biceps
vandals damage bicycles and stations of my biceps

The damages to the bicycles and stations of BİSİM, which the people of İzmir use with great pleasure, cannot be prevented. Authorities state that those responsible for what they describe as "vandalism" have been caught several times, but are released pending trial each time, mostly because they are younger than 18. The cost of damage to the system and bicycles is growing day by day.

The smart bicycle rental system BİSİM, which serves within the İzmir Metropolitan Municipality İZULAŞ General Directorate, continues its fight against people who intentionally damage bicycles and stations. However, 460 bikes were forcibly dismantled in September and October alone. The tongue or chassis of most of them was broken. While the bicycle is forcibly removed from the place where it is attached, the lock mechanisms of the park are also damaged. There are currently lock damage in 100 parks. Except for the bicycles that break down routinely, an average of 10 vandalized bicycles arrive at BISIM's maintenance and repair center every day.

The loss of workforce, material, repair and maintenance costs caused by the damages are also quite high. For example, if only the bicycle tongue is broken, the average labor and material cost is 700 TL for a bicycle. In cases where the lock mechanism of the park is damaged, this cost exceeds 1200 TL. Rising costs also delay serving more destinations and purchasing more bicycles. Also, it prevents users who want to rent a bicycle from this pleasure.

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Arda Şekercioğlu, General Manager of İZULAŞ, stating that all stations are monitored by cameras, the persons who injured them were identified and legal action was initiated against them, said, “The people who constantly inflicted these damages are certain. There are 191 lawsuits we have filed against them. However, unfortunately, we cannot reach a result by complaining and filing a lawsuit. Since those who do these things are mostly under the age of 18, they are released pending trial. Even though they are punished, they benefit from probation and continue to commit the same crime ”.

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