Adventure Starts in Mardin Streets for Zula Lovers

Adventure begins in the streets of Mardin for stash lovers
Adventure begins in the streets of Mardin for stash lovers

📩 31/12/2020 12:17

A new game map has been added to the native game Zula. Test broadcast of Mardin Map, inspired by Mardin with its unique history and culture, has started.

All Turkish engineers and designed by designers Zula, historically important in our country given within the game and players with maps inspired by the sights while increasing the perception of reality, in the Zulu in the world's different countries Players introduces the unique beauty of Turkey.

Finally, the unique city of Mardin, Turkey's historical beauty and rich cuisine, with InGAME lengthy study of the Group's development team, popular MMOFPS game took its place among the stash maps.

Equipped with the most realistic details, from the Kunefan to the City Museum

Mardin, the newest of the sabotage maps included in the test broadcast, will be experienced by the players and made perfect as a result of their feedback.

Taking care to enrich the game maps with details that will bring the perception of reality to the players to the highest level, the Zula Team has created a unique Mardin with many different details from the historical texture of the city to its colorful umbrellas, from the künefe to the City Museum.

Zula's newest map, Mardin Map, will be tested by players who have reached 30 levels and above in the game. Zula lovers who experience the show will be able to convey all their views to the Zula team through social media and the #mardinevleri channel on Zula's Discord server.

Each map is prepared in an average of 4-5 months

Maps created by inspiring from real places with the updates are added to the game at regular intervals. The location of the new map to be added is usually decided by questionnaires with the players. In addition, the areas suitable for creating the map are evaluated by the team. (Hibya)

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