Best Routes for Caravan Travel

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Traveling with a caravan is the dream of those who feel the feeling of freedom. In other words, the caravan is a kind of symbol of free spirit. All roads are your route, every place with a view is your accommodation. If you are going on a caravan trip for the first time, remember that caravan travel is a culture, when caravan owners see each other on the road, they greet each other with a horn whether they know each other or not. Let us come now to the most beautiful places you can travel with special caravan in Turkey.


There are free camping areas in Salda lake, which has one of the most beautiful views in the world. You can spend a fascinating holiday against peace in Salda Lake, which is one of the natural beauties.


If you are happy to watch the stars hitting the lake at night, you should definitely visit Yedigöller, which has a different taste in every season, with a caravan. In Yedigöller, which is intertwined with nature, you can spend a nice night under the leaves of the trees with every shade of yellow.


Cappadocia is a region of Nevşehir that is visited by thousands of tourists every year. In Cappadocia, which hosts fairy chimneys that you can rarely see in the world, you can watch the balloons in the first light of the morning and spend the day enjoying the indescribable scenery.


You can choose Cunda island for a caravan trip that will warm you up. On the island of Cunda, which fascinates with its streets, bays and history, you can stay by the beach with a caravan and watch the island of pony. It is one of the most ideal routes you can choose to find peace and enjoy nature.


If you need fresh air and want to breathe in the fresh air, we definitely recommend you to choose your caravan and assistant. You can swim in Assos' glassy, ​​clear, clean sea and enjoy the nature in the quiet calm of Assos.

Let us remind you for those who want to make a caravan trip for the first time, if you have a vehicle besides normal caravans and if it is suitable caravan trailers you can choose. The caravan you choose for your trip should be suitable for accommodation and suitable for your budget. However, you should choose a caravan that you are sure will not let you down. For the most suitable caravan options for your travel You can visit.

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