200 Bungalows will be built in Yıldız Mountain Ski Center

A bungalow will be built in Yildiz Mountain Ski Center
A bungalow will be built in Yildiz Mountain Ski Center

Sivas Governor Salih Ayhan said that with the newly built roads, Yıldız Mountain Ski Center will become more accessible and more comfortable with newly built bungalow houses.

Governor Salih Ayhan examined the road works completed on the 54st stage of the 1-kilometer connection road between Yıldız Mountain Winter Sports Tourism Center and Hot Çermik and got information from Mustafa Horuz, the 16th Regional Director of Highways.

Safe, Fast and Easy Transportation is One of the Most Important Components of Winter Tourism

The standards of the road between our neighbor Tokat and Yıldız Mountain Ski Resort have been raised and traffic safety has been ensured.

Having examined the newly opened route, Governor Salih Ayhan said, “This infrastructure work will bring a serious dynamism to the region, and the works continue at full speed. The connection to Yıldız Mountain Ski Center of Tokat and Sivas was very important for us. The interest of ski lovers there, especially our young people from Tokat, in recent seasons has encouraged us to raise the standards of the road. The feverish work carried out by the Sivas Special Provincial Administration throughout the summer was completed and the road was opened to traffic. Our ski lovers from Tokat will also be able to reach the center more easily. We invite the people of Tokat here in summer and winter. Good luck. " said.

200 Bungalows to Become a Winter Village with Houses

After that, the history of Yıldız Mountain changes. We will no longer be afraid of the winter or the snow of this geography. We will know both winter and snow as blessing. İsmet Yılmaz / September 2013

We know the winter and the snow of this region as a blessing and bring it to tourism.

Governor Ayhan and his entourage visited Yıldız Mountain Ski Center, which is taking firm steps towards becoming one of the important ski centers of our country with the innovations it adds to its structure every season, and 10 bungalows whose construction has been completed, made examinations in the area where the house is located, received information.

Governor Salih Ayhan said, “Good innovations have been made this year. Every year, additional works on Yıldız Mountain become more qualified and provide good services to their customers. One of these beautiful works is bungalow houses. The pandemic has also changed social life. People desire more sterile environments, environments that are intertwined with their families and services rather than busy and crowded environments. Being aware of this, we realized the construction of bungalow houses in the first place this year. I hope we will increase it further next year. Our target is dozens of bungalow houses. When we finish it, it will now be a winter village with social facilities. A difference will be made with a better identity. " said.

Stating that the bungalow-style houses will be a place reminiscent of the chalets in Norway and Sweden when they are completed, Governor Ayhan said, “The interior of the bungalow houses consists of a completely authentic environment. Houses that a family can use very comfortably, with an interior suitable for the structure of the mountain, completely made of wood. Beautiful and sympathetic structures, from its warmth to its authentic structure, from its use to its visual structure, where a little more traditional life meets modern life and is suitable for the necessary conditions. The aim here is to create awareness of color and to gain such structures in accordance with the texture of the mountain and taking into account the pandemic. We have never used all wood and concrete. The heat was arranged in accordance with the texture with both its fireplace and heating installations. It has attracted a lot of attention and we will not leave this interest unanswered. Hopefully in the following stages, there will be beautiful venues covered with white, covered with green, almost integrated with the Swedish style, Norwegian style mountain, by making 200 pieces. " used the expressions.

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