Supreme Election Council to recruit 15 Assistant Election Specialists

the high election committee will make the recruitment of assistant expert election
the high election committee will make the recruitment of assistant expert election

An entrance (oral) exam will be held to recruit 15 Assistant Election Experts to be employed in the Presidency of the Supreme Election Board.


Candidates who will apply for the Assistant Selection Specialist entrance (oral) exam;

a) Fulfills the general conditions specified in Article 657 of the Civil Servants Law No.48,

b) Having graduated from the Faculty of Law, Political Sciences, Economics, Business, Economics and Administrative Sciences, which provides at least four years of undergraduate education, or one of the domestic or foreign education theories accepted by YÖK,

c) To have at least seventy points from the KPSS P2019 or KPSS P2020 types of the Public Personnel Selection Exam held in 4 and 5 by the Presidency of the Assessment, Selection and Placement Center,

ç) Not to be over the age of 1 (thirty-five) as of the first day of January (January 2020, 35) of the year in which the entrance (oral) exam is opened (born on or after 01/01/1985) or

Pursuant to paragraph 7062 of Provisional Article 1 of the Law on the Organization and Duties of the Supreme Election Board, no. (born on or after 9/1/2020),

d) Not having a disease that could prevent him from performing his duty continuously,

Those who do not meet the conditions for participation and do not apply within the time limit will not be admitted to the entrance (oral) exam.


Application Date: Applications will start at 16:12 on 2020/09.00/23 and end at 12:2020 on 17.00/XNUMX/XNUMX.

Application Method: Applications are made on the official website of the Supreme Election Council (, the "Application Form" will be filled in completely and correctly, and will be made electronically.

Applications that do not comply with the conditions specified in the announcement and applications made by mail or other communication channels will not be accepted.

Four times the number of positions to be appointed, candidates will be invited to the entrance (oral) exam. A ranking will be made starting with the candidate who has the highest score in the KPSS P4 or KPSS P5 score type among the candidates with the required qualifications. If there is more than one candidate with the same score as the last ranked candidate, all of these candidates will be invited to the oral entrance exam.

Entry (oral) exam kazanThe list of candidates and the exam venue will be announced on the website of the Board. Applicants who cannot attend the exam will not be notified.

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