Is Sivas Ready for High Speed ​​Train?

is sivas ready for the fast train
is sivas ready for the fast train

Drawing attention to the fact that High Speed ​​Train is a very important project for Sivas, Mayor Hilmi Bilgin said, “High speed train will add significant value to Sivas economically. We should please our guests who will come to Sivas. We should especially improve ourselves at the point of service. We are ready to provide financial and moral support to our tradesmen. If necessary, we can provide the people working in the service sector with trainings. ”

Mayor Hilmi Bilgin said that as Sivas, we should be prepared for the innovations that the high-speed train will bring, that there will be no problems regarding the biggest and most important high-speed train.

Stating that they are making preparations for the arrival of the high-speed train to Sivas as Sivas Municipality, Mayor Bilgin said, “Thanks to the high-speed train, the number of domestic and foreign tourists will increase. We need to prepare our city for how we can please our guests who will come to Sivas by high-speed train, especially at the point of service, and how we can make the high-speed train to contribute to the economy. We will properly promote Sivas with Kültür A.Ş., which we established with the Governorship, from one hand. ”

Kültür A.Ş. Stating that they have done a scientific study, Bilgin said, “We are doing research on what we can do if Sivas is not ready for the high-speed train. We need to ensure that Sivas is ready for the high-speed train. We need to make good promotions on health, culture, thermal and health tourism. At the service point, I talked to the Chamber of Merchants, the Chamber of Restaurant and the Chamber of Commerce. If necessary, we will train our friends in the service industry with in-service training. We will support companies that will keep the industry alive and innovate, if needed, as a municipality. If it is necessary to provide economic support, we will. If logistics support is required, we will provide this support. We must prepare our bazaar, tradesmen and our sectors for high speed train. We are ready to support as much as we can. ” (Sivas Memleket Newspaper / Mehmet Tırpan)


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