To the Attention of Seamen to be Taken to the Vangölü Ferry Directorate

To the attention of the seamen to be included in the vangolu ferry directorate
To the attention of the seamen to be included in the vangolu ferry directorate

Labor and Turkey are the Vangölü İşkurumu will be announced in Ferry Directorate; 1 Captain (UZAKYOL),
For our requests for 1 Chief Engineer / Chief Engineer (UZAKYOL), 1 Far Officer First Officer, 1 Far Road Shift Engineer / Machinist, an additional list was requested from İŞKUR instead of the candidates who did not come for paperwork.

No additional lists have been sent by İŞKUR for the captain (UZAKYOL) and Chief Engineer / Chief Engineer (UZAKYOL) labor force requests. The candidates in the additional list sent for the First Officer and the Remote Shift Engineer / Machinist, TCDD General Directorate of Human Resources Department, Hacıbayram Mah. Hipodrom Cad. No: 28.07.2020 Gar / ANKARA will arrive and deliver. The oral examination of the candidates whose applications are accepted and who submit their documents will be held on the same day (on 10.00) at the same address at 3:28.07.2020.

The applications of the candidates whose required documents are missing and do not fulfill the conditions stated in the announcement as of the deadline will not be accepted. A minute about these will be prepared and informed to İŞKUR that their applications are not accepted.

Candidates who do not submit their documents will not be admitted to the oral exam.


  • Copy of 1- Diploma,
  • 2-Criminal Record with TR ID number (Public Prosecutor's Office or e-government password Those who have a criminal record will be taken from the address will bring the court decision regarding each registration.),
  • 3 - Copy of identity card,
  • 4-2018 KPSS result document,
  • 5-Military status document (Military Service or e-government password) will be taken from. In the document to be received, it will be stated that it is discharged, suspended, paid or exempt. Those who are not in the military age will report their situation with a petition.),
  • 6- Business Demand Information Form (Published on TCDD website.
  • 7- Certificate of Proficiency of Seamen,
  • 8- GOC or ROC Qualification Certificate (Only candidates applying for distant first officer labor force requests will bring.)
  • 9- Port Wallet (Shipman's Wallet),
  • 10-STCW Certificates,
  • 11-Seafarers Health Polling Certificates,
  • 12-A screening test conducted at any of the state-of-the-art hospitals or official university hospitals. (It is the test to determine alcohol or drug addiction).
  • 13-Health Board Report from full-fledged state hospitals or any of the official university hospitals.

In the Health Board Report;

  • Vision Degrees (right-left eye specified separately),
  • Color Inspection (ishihara test),
  • Hearing Examination (Pure sound average of 500, 1000, 2000 frequencies should be 0-40 dB in audiometric examination) and vision / hearing evaluation results health board report

Candidates will take the oral exam by the members of the exam committee; 10 points in the field of skill, including self-confidence (10 points), written communications (10 points), verbal communications (20 points), skills, observation, stress and problem solving skills (50 points); Professional term (10 points), professional building materials (20 points) and technical issues (2 questions 20 points) are evaluated over 50 points in total and 100 points in total. Pursuant to the “Regulation on Procedures and Principles to be Applied in Recruiting Workers to Public Institutions”, as a result of the evaluation, 30% of the average of the scores given by the members of the exam committee and 70% of the KPSS score is determined.

It is notified in accordance with Article 16 of the “Regulation on the Procedures and Principles to be Applied in Recruiting Workers to Public Institutions”.

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