Three Lanes Intersection Work Started to Relieve Traffic in Eskişehir

Three-lane intersection study to relax traffic started in Eskisehir
Three-lane intersection study to relax traffic started in Eskisehir

Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality, which realized a new crossroad arrangement last summer at the intersection of Hijri Sezen Boulevard, Cumhuriyet Boulevard and Vatan Avenue, turns the road into a three-lane junction with the pockets it has just started to create.

Continuing its work in the city center and in the countryside, the Metropolitan Municipality teams make new arrangements for the activities it carried out on Cumhuriyet Boulevard last summer, turning the junction into 3 lanes. In this way, the Metropolitan Municipality officials stated that the right turn and left turns will take place faster and that the hot asphalt works started after the infrastructure and border works. Underlining that the works will be completed next week in both regions of the road, the officials stated that the traffic is provided in controlled areas in the study areas.

Stating that Eskişehir will have a modern crossroads after the completion of the works to be carried out on the Hijri Sezen Boulevard, the authorities warned the citizens not to park vehicles in areas close to the traffic lights to ensure a comfortable traffic flow.

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